Construct 0.97.6 released

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  • Download 0.97.6 now

    There's a couple of new features we want to throw in for 0.98 which aren't ready just yet, so this is to get some of the bug fixes we've done out there. The new features in 0.98 will be the last new features we add before 1.0: after 0.98 we plan on being feature locked and just fixing bugs and clearing out the tracker for a solid, stable 1.0 release.

    Don't forget you can support the volunteer developers of Construct by donating via the button on the main page. Cheers

    Here's the full changelog:

    Event sheet editor

    • [ADD] 'Insert new comment' into event right click menu
    • [FIX] Editing event groups now correctly handles description
    • [FIX] Object parameters and Object Panel now only show global & layout objects (used to show non-global objects from different layouts, which clogged up the list)
    • [FIX] Actions/conditions can no longer be inserted where private variables have not been picked
    • [CHANGE] Comment colour is now more friendly


    • [FIX] Variables with blank names can no longer be added
    • [FIX] Project bar now updated after using the manage event sheets dialog
    • [FIX] Animation's repeat to property is now saved
    • [FIX] Selecting a layout's event sheet sometimes picked the wrong event sheet
    • [FIX] Moving objects in layout with up/down/left/right arrows updates properties bar X and Y
    • [FIX] Loaded and unchanged applications, or brand new unchanged applications, prompted to save on exit
    • [CHANGE] Better reporting of missing plugins. If you open a .cap file with missing plugins you are shown a list of all missing plugins and their filenames (previously only first one was reported).
    • [CHANGE] Better reporting of errors and problems when using dialogs, and added some tips when dialogs are first used

    Layout editor

    Picture editor

    • [FIX] Crash pressing ctrl+left/right


    • [ADD] XAudio2 (beta)
    • [ADD] Particle spray: initial speed randomiser
    • [ADD] Tiled background: load texture from file at runtime
    • [FIX] Sprite: mesh distortion with uneven rows/cols
    • [FIX] Particle spray: initial display angle randomiser
    • [FIX] Sprite: Animations no longer get stuck if an animation doesn't loop
    • [FIX] Canvas: crash after running fullscreen application
    • [FIX] Tiled background: seaming when scrolling. This reverts an earlier fix, that semitransparent tiled backgrounds sometimes show seams. There is no solution for this. You must use a power-of-two texture for perfect seamless tiled backgrounds.


    • [FIX] Game doesn't pause while dragging window (finally!)
    • [FIX] Scrolling was bounds-checked on rendering but not on retrieving coordinates. Fixes issues with collision detection when near edge of layout.
    • [FIX] 'FPS in caption' disabled in fullscreen preview (prevents titlebar flickering)
  • - [FIX] 'FPS in caption' disabled in fullscreen preview (prevents titlebar flickering)

    always cool to see a bug report result in a bug fix

    edit: closed my ticket ... _id=207820

  • Yeah!Pretty good! that damn bug of repeat to was destroying the animation of my char...

  • sweet!!! (3rd comment!!)

  • awesome awesome awesome. I vow to donate as soon as i get out of debt!

    I'm very excited now . Which build are you planning the online object for if you dont mind my asking? Is there an ETA? Or an ETA for the ETA?

    EDIT - My word. I never noticed it used to pause your app when you drag it! I'm so glad thats fixed! That would really be a kick in my MMORPG balls.

  • Well, corrected a bug, and another one happened...

    I'm not gonna change the subject of the topic, so, i created another one on the upload section... I will also report it on the tracker...

  • Nice! Downloading now...

    One quick question about power of two textures in the BG Tile... do they have to be exactly square or can they be, say, 32x64 where each dimension is a power of two?

  • Cool, nice fixes... Fortunately, I haven't been bothered by most of them, but some of the new features should be useful...


  • oh sweet, thanks for this update!

    edit: BTW does anyone elses still say "... Template.csx (14001) - this plugin may not be available!" ?

  • Template.csx isn't included in this build. You're probably installing over the old directory. Just delete template.csx.

  • Oh sick. Construct crashes everytime i try to open stuff i made today with the new version (I was working on my game. all the new saves of it since the new version crash on open).

    What shall i do? Email them to you Ash?

  • Yeah, send me a cap that crashes when you open it in 0.97.6.

  • I can't edit any variables of an external (not linked directly to a layout) event sheet.

    It crashes when I try to.

  • Found a bug:

    "Play current animation" appears to always play from frame one, even if you specify a different frame to start on with "Set animation frame."

    Could we get a hotfix, or should I post this as a bug report?


    Oh man, it even does this in 97.5. I never noticed before, I've never actually attempted to do what I'm currently doing.

    I'm making a series of ocean wave sprites. Each animation loops, but each one needs to start on a different frame in order for them to look wavy. No matter what frame I set, they all revert back to frame 1 on start. I guess I'll make a bug report after all...

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  • great work! can't wait till next build, till then:

    construct: install it, try it, love it.

    Found a bug:

    "Play current animation" appears to always play from frame one, even if you specify a different frame to start on with "Set animation frame."

    Could we get a hotfix, or should I post this as a bug report?

    yea, could we?

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