Construct 0.97.3 released

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  • Download 0.97.3 now

    Construct is developed free of charge by volunteers. You can support Construct's development by donating via the button on the main page.

    Here's the full changelog:


    • [ADD] Ball movement: set/get gravity
    • [ADD] Physics: 'disable collisions' action to disable physics collisions with a specific object type
    • [FIX] Ball movement: registers 'On collision' when bouncing off solids
    • [FIX] Physics: registers 'On collision' when physics collisions occur
    • [FIX] Physics: world X and Y scale controls had no effect. NOTE: This may break some existing Physics-based games. If the World X/Y scales are 100%, this is wrong: set it to 3.3% and it will work like it did before.
    • [FIX] Physics: collision mask 'none' works as it did with the old newton engine.
    • [CHANGE] Ball movement: gravity on/off replaced with number for gravity strength

    Event Sheet Editor

    • [ADD] Replace to Find dialog
    • [FIX] When editing comments, old settings (font settings, colours etc) are remembered
    • [FIX] 'Insert new condition' sometimes created a new event
    • [FIX] Blank actions/conditions are no longer added when object parameters are blank (prompt message occurs)

    Event Wizard dialog

    • [FIX] 'Global' objects now always appear in the object list, even when on a different layout (as they should)
    • [FIX] Family icons now show
    • [FIX] Memory leak in Event Wizard
    • [CHANGE] When no families are in an application, 32x32 icons are used. When families are used, 16x16 icons are used


    • [ADD] Right click menu to Object Bar
    • [ADD] Dragging of objects into Layout from Object Bar creates a duplicate
    • [FIX] Crash saving after deleting a layout with containers in it
    • [FIX] Cannot create a layout or event sheet with the same name as another (caused IDE crashes if this happened)
    • [FIX] The default size for a new layout is now the size of the application window (it was previously fixed at 640x480)
    • [FIX] Effect actions/conditions now have categories
    • [FIX] Clicking an object in the Object Bar now shows animations
    • [FIX] Crash removing an object from a family in some cases
    • [FIX] With two instances of the IDE open, sometimes textures got mixed up at runtime.
    • [FIX] More stringent checks on object names - only letters, numbers and underscore allowed, and the first character cannot be a number
    • [FIX] Naming of behaviors and effects are now unique
    • [CHANGE] Update check now times out after 2000 milliseconds (or 2 second), should stop some freezing
    • [CHANGE] Redesigned Family Manager to faciliate editing of variables, effects and behaviors of families
    • [CHANGE] The object list of the Layer Bar has been removed; all object operations have been assumed with the new Object Bar

    Layout Editor

    • [ADD] Some accelerator tips to the right click menu, and some new keyboard shortcuts (shown in the menu)


    • [FIX] Tiled background: grid appeared when displayed at integer coordinates and opacity changed
    • [FIX] Box: 'Move to layer' moved to wrong layer


    • [FIX] Crashing debugger
    • [FIX] Created objects did not always have events applied until the next tick, causing some unusual behavior. Now, created objects become fully available after the end of the event it was created on.
    • [FIX] Small memory leak with text & fonts
    • [CHANGE] Behaviors which handle collisions internally (eg. Ball movement with 'Bounce off solids' enabled) can now also trigger 'On collision' events in Sprite correctly.


    • [ADD] 'Scrolling basics' template

    Translation status

    • The Animator Bar and all animation/frame properties are now translateable
    • The Comment dialog is now translateable
    • The Event Group dialog is now translateable
  • Awesome update, especially excited about the On Collision for physics and ball and such. Much needed functionality.

    Found a bug already though:

    When dragging an object onto the layout from the object bar, the object is created on the most recently created layer, rather than the currently selected layer.

    Whoa, just checked and even copy/paste doesn't past the object into the currently selected layer. Paste is also putting the object onto the most recently created layer.

    This is a pretty big-time bug.


    Adding new objects does the same thing.

  • When you select an attribute in a "is overlapping" event, and you click finish, it tells you to ensure that object parameters are picked.

    edit: please!! a hotfix or something, this is crippling

    appreciate the update

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  • Tym razem po polsku ;p

    Niezla aktualizacja - dzieki Ashley, Rich i David - lubie was

    Kto chce to po angielsku?

    Who want this in English?

  • Please keep to English on the forums, non-english posts can't be moderated!

  • New build's coming in a minute to fix the issues reported here, which are new.

    Apologies and hold tight!

  • New build's coming in a minute to fix the issues reported here, which are new.

    Apologies and hold tight!

    heh this is becoming a regular thing! an update straight after the other

    and it's why we love you

  • It has become a slightly annoying trend.. let's hope we can break it till 1.0 .

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