Construct 0.97.2 released

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  • Download 0.97.2 now

    This build corrects some of the issues in the 0.97 release, notably problems with the Particles object (included hotfix), problems with included event sheets, and miscellaneous other changes.

    Construct is developed free of charge by volunteers. You can support Construct's development by donating via the button on the main page.

    Here's the full changelog:


    • [FIX] Platform movement: 'Set gravity direction' action displayed wrong text

    Event wizard dialog

    • [FIX] Crash selecting tabs for behaviors and effects


    • [FIX] Included events did not always work the same as their equivalent in the same event sheet
    • [FIX] Crash after clicking 'Edit families' in the 'Add family' dialog
    • [FIX] Ribbon left blank after a 'Save your changes?' messagebox in the 2007 themes
    • [FIX] Deleting a layout ensures nonexistent object type names become available again
    • [CHANGE] You are prompted if you import a .cap from an old version of Construct and hit save. This will prevent you from opening the file in the older version, so it gives you the option to save-as instead.
    • [CHANGE] A more polite error message if you try to open a .cap file from a newer version of Construct (this will only be useful in future since old builds won't do this)

    Included hotfixes

    • [FIX] Particles object: crashing applications

    Picture editor

    • [FIX] Crash undoing a moved selection


    • [ADD] Plasma object: new colour controls which allow for better flame-like effects
    • [FIX] Particles object: one-shot was not working
    • [FIX] Crash in Plasma object


    • [FIX] Crash calling a function from any looping condition
    • [FIX] System object: 'On advanced collision' / 'On advanced overlap' did not have intended effect
    • [FIX] System object: 'timer' expression now starts from zero (previously started off with the time it took to load)
    • [FIX] Crash changing layouts with global objects
    • [CHANGE] System object: 'timer' expression now returns a float. This allows for timer-based code to still act smoothly at very low timescales.
  • First post!

    Thanks for the fixes Ash

  • Well, that was fast

  • THANK YOU!!!! You fixed BOTH major bugs I was trying to deal with!!! Thank you SO much for this update!

  • wow awesome !!

  • Sweet! I'm glad you included the warning about saving CAPs from older versions, it will probably save me alot of pain.


  • Thanks for all these updates!

  • S��per!!

    I'll download it on home

  • Well that was fast I think

  • The debugger appears to be broken in this build. Attempting to debug any application, including a blank one, causes a runtime error.

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  • Hmm, same problem here

  • Yep me too, seems like the debugger's buggered.

  • Its getting close to version 1.0

    wonder if we'll see controller support soon

  • Debugger's fixed for the next build ... that was one of those weird heisenbugs, where judging from the sourcecode it should never have worked in the first place... no idea why it blows up now...

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