Construct 0.96.3 released

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  • Excellent update. I don't have time to check it, as I have to get some sleep to go to Tafe tomorrow (today, we got to dissect a hard drive and a motherboard, installed XP, Windows Server 2003, Ubuntu and Debian, and did some other stuff )

    But tomorrow I'll be sure to check it out. As you probably know I'm just about wetting myself over the new physics engine due to custom collision masks.

    However I was giving it a very quick runover a few minutes ago and noticed something - the "Add Condition" in the context menu for events seems not to add conditions properly now. It's just adding them as separate events unless I properly select the event - I never encountered that before. You should probably make the event sheet editor select the even when you right or left click on it or any of its conditions. Aside from that, as far as five minutes can tell it's a great update.

    page 3 snypa!

  • To all of you wetting over the custom shape masks in the new physics engine, I would like to remind you:

    [quote:2acb9ldo]as well as the possibility of new features (such as custom shaped collision masks)

    t does not mean, that in this version of construct you can actually use the custom shape masks

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  • Not sure if this has been said, but...

    When I set the depth of 3D-box to a value less than 1, it doesn't work in the layout editor, it's just flat, like it was 0. But when I set the depth-value in Event Sheet (Start of layout for example) to something less than 1, like 0.5, it works. Also values like 1.2 or 1.9 etc. don't work in the layout editor, only "whole" numbers like 1,2,3,4 etc. work.

    Same with Z it seems.

    Yes, yes it is. Test confirmed that.

    Also, further thinking gets me to a conclusion that this post should not be here.

    Ok, sent it to Sourceforges bug-tracker.

  • The next build of construct will have custom collisions for the physics movement...currently at the moment there is a button you press and it lets you click points around your sprite in the layout editor.... though its currently limited to one polygon...but eventually you will be able to combine multiple polygons and circles (as the physics simulation handles the circle as a perfect circle and thus produces more accurate results)

    As for some mention of liquid...yes it is possible to do in construct. The next build will hopefully have more settings so you can change the elasticity and friction of each body. Liquid is best simulated with small 9x9 balls with no contact friction (causing each ball to slide over the other)...though a bit of elasticity can really contribute to a splashing water will be fun to see whats possible anyways

  • Oh, hell yeah!

  • Sweet!

  • Booyah! I really can't wait for the next build now.

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