Construct 0.96.3 released

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  • it doesnt seem to verify saves made with the autosave feature

    Ah - I just checked and it's true - autosaves aren't verified. In this build, to ensure your saves are verified, turn off autosave. However, I can't reproduce any crashes with autosave - this build didnt actually change any of the autosave code. I'll get autosaves verified in an update which should be only a day or two, because it's important!


    Don't forget the other guys. I can only take credit for about a third of this!

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  • Ah, well, i guess i'll french the whole team scirra! Great work everyone!

    btw. a friend of mine got so happy when he saw this update that he donated 20 pounds! Don't burn them on booz! or.. nah, you deserve a drink!

  • That won't begin to cover what David can tank in one night..


  • Sweet, didn't even have time to see what the previous one offers and then this.

    Have to check it soon, thanks for the updates !

  • [quote:23sezs4s]- [FIX] Crash with multiple families with movements

    Does movements mean behaviors? I'll check tomorrow. this might have solved a problem i've had for a long time now!

  • Incredibly awesome update!

    Construct is becoming such a mind-blowing application!

  • Me love team

  • Oh happy day! An engine i built around v.0.85 now suddenly works exactly the way i wanted, thanks to the fixed family buggs!! I'm so happy i'm gona take a shower! Now the only thing missing for my old "Amazing Abdulah" to continue it's development is the "get force" action for physics, which i can feel in my toes that it's going to be added soon!

    edit: Oh, and i also need the ability to detect collisions between physics objects, then you'll soon have one more great game to play

  • My application seems to work now better. Thank you for the updates

  • Wow, wow, wow Thank you!

  • Ooh, new physics eh? Does this increase the maximum screen size of the physics movement then? Can't wait to download the new build when I get home.

  • [quote:e4pkw2m3]- [FIX] Crash with multiple families with movements

    Does movements mean behaviors?

    Yeah - hopefully families with behaviors work OK now. And I do believe Box2D has an unlimited world size!

  • And I do believe Box2D has an unlimited world size!

    forgot about that!!! Sweet!

  • Ashley thanks sooo much for stoping the file corruption!!!

  • I love you Ashley :O

    Waiting for liquids

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