Construct 0.95.2 released

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    Construct 0.95.2 fixes a serious long term bug where corrupt .cap files were sometimes saved (the infamous CObj, CLayer error); it is an important upgrade! Thrown in are some other additions, improvements and fixes.


    • [FIX] The .cap corrupting bug and save bug, relating to groups
    • [FIX] After deleting a layer another is now selected
    • [FIX] Update dialog download button now disables when updating
    • [CHANGE] When deleting a layout now prompts to delete associated event sheet

    Event sheet editor

    • [ADD] Check box to common properties of all objects to hide them from the Event Wizard
    • [FIX] Pasting actions and conditions now adds them to selected event(s) rather than the original
    • [FIX] Expression validator was rejecting some nested system expressions eg. RGB(random(255),0,0)
    • [FIX] Black drag line not drawing on selected actions/conditions/expressions while holding control
    • [FIX] Crash when clicking back editing actions/conditions
    • [FIX] Evaluator crash when entering text fast
    • [CHANGE] Pressing enter when inline editing now saves modifications
    • [CHANGE] Holding control and dragging a actions/conditions/events now deselects the original
    • [CHANGE] When you first click an action or condition or event, the 'add above' and 'add below' now wont appear. They will only appear if you click again (ie. click a selected action/condition/event)
    • [CHANGE] Triggers appear at the top of the event with a tinted background
    • [CHANGE] Objects listed in event wizard dialog are alphabetically sorted

    Included hotfixes

    • [FIX] Particle object not rendering in some circumstances
    • [FIX] Light object (for casting shadows) giving invalid texture errors in some circumstances


    • [ADD] New Profiler object to measure ticks/exact time spent executing events or actions
    • [ADD] Set/get R/G/B from/to pixel to Image
    • [ADD] New properties and actions to hide the tooltips/grid on Bar Chart, and to set the style of the text on the bars
    • [ADD] Particles object now supports textured particles
    • [FIX] Shadows now draw correctly when scrolling


    • [FIX] Crash taking square root of a negative number
    • [FIX] ScrollX, ScrollY, ScrollXLeft, ScrollXRight, ScrollYTop, ScrollYBottom expressions now clamped to valid values in bounded-scrolling layouts
    • [FIX] Creating objects in loops updates instance lists immediately
  • alright !!!

  • Second post, YAY!!! I beat the hardcore Construct fans

    Also: Thanks and nice update ^^

  • This is great! I've been enjoying all of the new plugins, but being able to add textures to the particles is a great addition! Thank you!

  • wonderful! I've been thinking about reporting the "Holding control and dragging problem" but then i stopped doing that.

  • Thanks Ashley!

  • Another fantastic release! thanks!

    textured particles effects..

  • It's so good to get rid of that nasty Cobj error!

  • thanks for the update, I love particles with textures

  • <img src="">

  • Great work, ps. date is wrong on frontpage says 10th april hehe.

  • Ah, thanks, lol... copy/paste FTL

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  • thanks for the great update, now construct runs fine for me (the visual studio problem guy

    I have a question though. it's about setting a colour filter where you can choose from colour palette or choose your own colour. well this does not work for me, when i press the "set color" button i get the message "an unsupported operation was attempted". I think it has something to do with non-english environment which I work on. the set color button is "Ustaw kolor" in my version of windows / construct (polish one) and I think it does not work because of that. I also noticed that sometimes pixel shader effects don't preview correctly, text object with blur horizontal + blur vertical + hdr tonemapping in particullar previews correctly until save / reload. then the text object with these pixel shader effects preview blurry. but again great update and keep up the good work! cheers

  • Version 1 getting ever so closer! I'm so excited I think I might pee my pants

  • It's amazing how fast Construct is getting stable !

    I'd say Construct is now 85% stable, in contrast with the about 50% of the versions before 0.90.

    Wonderful work !

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