Construct 0.93 released

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    Movements have been renamed to Behaviors as discussed before in anticipation of new functionality such as Shadows, which obviously do not qualify as a movement. Here's the changelog (a big'un!):

    Canvas plugin:

    • [ADD] Can now paste an object directly into itself. The object renders at the current position, angle, size, and with the currently active effects

    Event sheet editor:

    • [ADD] Common actions and conditions (like Set Text) are highlighted, so you can find them quicker (in the SDK: use an ACE name beginning with *, eg. "*Set Text")
    • [FIX] GDI leak in event sheet editor causing crashes
    • [FIX] Global variables problem in events
    • [FIX] Issue where clicking the + on an event didn't work when the vertical space used by actions exceeded the vertical space used by conditions.


    • [ADD] Event sheets to project bar
    • [ADD] Autobackup; enable this in Auto save options
    • [ADD] Control clicking a layer in the layer bar selects all the items on that layer (like photoshop, indesign, etc)
    • [FIX] Mixed up behavior descriptions
    • [CHANGE] Added options to move layers up/down and insert layers at top/bottom, as well as changed toolbar
    • [CHANGE] Exporting an EXE with Python enabled now copies Python25.dll to the same directory as the EXE, and reminds you to distribute it

    Layout editor:

    • [ADD] Holding space bar and clicking scrolls the layout editor.
    • [ADD] Holding shift while changing an angle locks to 5 degree increments
    • [FIX] When cloning layouts event sheets often got named with blank names
    • [FIX] Problems changing angles and ocassional jittering with resizing and dragging
    • [FIX] Dragging and holding control on an object in the layout editor sometimes incorrectly previewed the new 'duplicated' object. Sometimes it rendered behind, and the 'ghost' of it didn't render with effects
    • [FIX] Crash when grouping objects
    • [FIX] Shift and resize accounts for angles now in layout editor
    • [CHANGE] Controls now draw themed in the layout editor
    • [CHANGE] Resizing arrows now only appear if you have one selected object. This makes it easier to drag small objects when you have heaps selected and they are close to each other

    Picture Editor:

    • [ADD] Eraser, Pen, Brush, Line, have the ability to have 'smooth' turned off to allow for pixel art
    • [ADD] Opacity to Picture Editor tools. When you draw with a colour thats semitransparent, the opacity increases as you hold the mouse down and draw over the same area. However, by changing the opacity in the tool settings, the brush stroke, line, or eraser marks wont exceed the opacity. This is useful if you want to erase an area in your picture.
    • [ADD] Shift + click in Picture Editor. If you use the brush, pen, or eraser, and you draw a line and release the mouse, shift clicking allows you to draw a line from your last mouse co-ordinate to your current mouse position.
    • [ADD] Smooth drawing. When you draw with a smooth brush/eraser/line, you no longer work in whole pixels. If you draw between 2 pixels, both pixels recieve half of the brush.
    • [FIX] Picture editor horizontal flip
    • [FIX] Picture editor rectangle select
    • [FIX] Picture editor circle select crash

    Platform movement behavior:

    Improvements to Platform behavior:

    * Holding both left & right does nothing

    * No bunny hop jumping (only one jump per pressing key)

    * Changeable jump strength, jump sustain, gravity and speed at runtime

    * Changeable gravity direction and strength


    • [ADD] 'Online' section to Ribbon home tab: easily report bugs/access forums/check for updates etc.


    • [FIX] Inaccurate timing with 'Every X milliseconds' and motion blur on
    • [FIX] Global variables work correctly in the debugger (fixed crash)
    • [FIX] Problem with family private variables causing mixed up data sometimes
    • [FIX] Crash using Create Object on a global object
    • [FIX] Issues with two While loops in events
    • [FIX] Crash using 'Run without PS' and layer effects
    • [CHANGE] Optimised Motion Blur to render faster and use less VRAM.
    • [CHANGE] Debug log messages are messagebox'd on first time occurance (people were missing them in the log)
  • If you make something with the app runtime and export to exe you still get the unpacking resources error. The Direct runtime works fine though.

    Other than that great update especially to the platform movement!

  • Spectacular update! I'll be combing it thoroughly for you.

  • Ashley, you're doing a WONDERFUL WORK! I can't wait to see the finished product, you rock! Construct is the best app creation program ever, mostly because of the kind developers and community and the frequent updates! Good job, I love this new upgrade.

  • I second the above post

    Alas, this version is a lot less stable for me. The game I'm working on won't run at all anymore, and even crashed when saving!

  • Can you send the unstable cap to ? Any reliably reproducable problems?

  • Yep, they happen every time. I'll try to find what exactly is causing them and then send you the .cap. I've got one temp.exe crash narrowed down, and I'm about to post it to the bug tracker.

  • Unbelievable update! Bravo, sir. I can't wait to try it out.


    Platform movement behavior:

    Improvements to Platform behavior:

    * Holding both left & right does nothing

    * No bunny hop jumping (only one jump per pressing key)

    * Changeable jump strength, jump sustain, gravity and speed at runtime

    * Changeable gravity direction and strength

    You were listening! You tease! There aren't any appropriate emoticons on the forum but it goes something like

    The part about the changeable gravity direction is especially ace. Keep up the good work!

  • Tiny cosmetic thing - the 48px icon is missing several pixels in the white area near the bottom.

    I'm thinking you either don't use 48px yourself or use a bright wallpaper

    Good update

  • The picture editor has been improved a lot in this release. It seems a lot more orientated towards pixel art now, and the pencil tool finally works as it should. The picture editor is now almost close to being good enough to be used on its own. But of coarse, I'd still prefer to import my graphics.

    There are still some issues though. The eraser size is still not adjustable. But everything else seems to be working a lot better.

    Transparencies work perfectly now! Thanks Ashley! I was able to import a BMP of all things and remove the background color (via transparent paint bucket) without having to convert it to a 32 bit PNG.

    16 Bit PNG files still import with a gray background, but this is a non issue now since the paint bucket works as its supposed to. So no matter what the background color is, I can just make it transparent anyway. But then again, if I want to use PNG files, I'll just use 32 bit ones.

    But the most important thing of all is that I can finally import graphics without any annoyances. I don't really need anything else, although the eraser could still use an adjustment setting. But other than that, the picture editor is working great.

  • This new interface is looking pretty slick

    But alas, I can't seem to get the new platform movement to run. I get the error "Failed to load plugin PlatformMov.csx." I was able to load an old .cap with platform movement just fine, and I'm able to create new objects with platform movement, but I can't run them.

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  • That's odd, was there a number after the error message or was it just that text?

  • It was just the text when testing from the IDE, but I exported an exe and got this error upon running it:

    Runtime error
    Failed to load plugin C:\Documents and Settings\Jason\Local Settings\Temp\cap158.tmp\4.csx (14001)
    Edit... I do have more than one version of Construct installed on my computer, would that mess things up at all?  They're all installed in different directories in my Program Files folder, but maybe there are some registry entries that are conflicting or something?  I dunno.
  • No, it should be OK to have different Construct versions installed - I have the last few builds installed so I can check bugs out over builds. MSDN says error code 14001 means:

    [quote:27vu6xdn]The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.

    ...which is odd. Are you on Vista? Does anyone else get this problem? Can you check the application event log like it says and see if anything useful is in there?

  • Actually, I just realized something. Now that both the pencil tool and transparent color work as they should, the eraser tool doesn't really need to be fixed as you can just use that (or the paint brush with transparent) instead.

    But you can still add brush adjustment to the eraser if you want to, I guess. Heh...

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