Construct 0.92 released

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    Lots of important fixes including the dreaded expanding .cap files bug! Also try out motion blur - you can enable it under Application Properties / Effects. Note this works by cranking up the framerate (more info) by the selected multiple, so you'll need to make sure your game is coded to use TimeDelta where necessary. Motion blur does not require pixel shaders, but requires a feature that only some graphics cards have; see the info link for supported hardware. It'd be helpful if you let me know if it works for you, and your graphics card model.

    Here's the full changelog:

    • [ADD] DLL bundling system whereby plugin dependencies are automatically embedded (so any DLLs required by plugins can be saved inside the EXE automatically)
    • [ADD] New 'copy as text' to event sheet editor
    • [ADD] Scripting toolbar to load/save scripts and some other operations (to be expanded soon)
    • [ADD] System Object actions to python intellisense
    • [ADD] New Ribbon items to insert groups/conditions/subevents for Event Sheet Editor
    • [ADD] Ability to toggle events via Ribbon; disabled events will appear with strikethrough text and will not run
    • [FIX] Object Information dialog now displays ACEs correctly
    • [FIX] Used Plugins dialog now works correctly
    • [FIX] Ribbon tabs contextually opened now (changing to Event Sheet Editor opens that tab, etc)
    • [FIX] Cannot give a family name as an object name.
    • [FIX] Possible problem adding global variables
    • [FIX] Sprites set to 'No rotation' don't change angle even when other animation angles are drawn
    • [FIX] Actions sometimes disappearing when they reference global variables
    • [FIX] Improvements to Python redistribution (sockets should work now)
    • [FIX] Adding an action now creates an undo item
    • [FIX] No more crashes when resources not found
    • [FIX] Crash playing MIDI files in Directsound (this operation is not supported)
    • [FIX] 'Self' expressions (including .X etc) now work in movement parameters
    • [FIX] Dropping a window after dragging it made movements and timedelta values jump
    • [FIX] Every events not triggering after restarting a layout
    • [FIX] Increasing file size bug of .cap files
    • [FIX] Objects sometimes scaling wrong with Play Animation/Set Animation Frame actions
    • [CHANGE] A warning in the add family dialog to avoid object names
    • [CHANGE] Comprehensive error checking when loading .caps, alot more errors handled and no crashes if some problems encountered
    • [CHANGE] Revamped changes system. Now layouts and event sheets will show as changed in the MDI tabs and prompts to save will be far more accurate.
    • [CHANGE] Reworked Insert Object/Add Effect/Add Movement dialogs to make them more compact and neat.
  • The image editor in the new build has gone all wacky for me. There are a lot of problems I'm having with it:

    A 1px eraser is actually 4px wide, and some opacity is bleeding in at the edges even if I have hardness set to 100. Same for the line tool.

    Drawing with either the pencil or the brush creates some sort of additive effect, or like it's drawing over itself with opacity even if opacity is set at 255. I can't really tell what it's doing. Here's a screenshot of me trying to draw a single purple line with the pencil tool:

    <img src="">

    Trying to select an area with the rectangular marquee tool doesn't select the proper area, it selects pixels toward the bottom of the image instead. Trying to select with the circular marquee crashes Construct.

    The "Flip Horizontal" button seems to be broken.

    Um... I think that's it. Everything else seems to work okay. What could cause this? I don't see anything in the changelog that says you even touched the image editor. Is .92 compatible with the settings I had on my tools previously? Like, if I clear out some "tool settings .ini" or something will it fix itself?

  • I don't have the color blend problem on a fresh install.

    The line and draw tool do draw 4px at 1px though. The flip buttons and rectangle selection also do not work here.

  • I don't have the color blend problem on a fresh install.

    The line and draw tool do draw 4px at 1px though. The flip buttons and rectangle selection also do not work here.

    In a way I'm glad to know it's not just me that's having the problem, but then that probably means it's not a quick fix.

  • I did a clean install of 0.91 and the image editor went back to behaving properly, so something is definitely up with 0.92

    Edit: Oops, sorry for the double-post.

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  • YAY! MOD plugin works!

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