Construct 0.91 released (with Python)

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    Construct 0.91 is a milestone in Construct's development, introducing the ability to Python script your games with a high level of integration between scripts, events and objects. For information on Python, visit (you don't need to run the Python installer to use it in Construct - everything you need is included).

    Python Scripting - Construct Wiki

    To insert a script, right-click and pick 'Insert Script'. 'Enable scripting' must be enabled in application properties. You'll be prompted if it is off when you insert a script. Scripts can be inserted as sub-events to run only when an event is true, or in the main event list, where it runs on the equivalent of an Always event.

    Applications using Python require the distribution of Python25.dll alongside the exported EXEs in this build. You can find it in the Construct directory. Hopefully this is a requirement we can eliminate in a future build, by packaging the DLL inside the exported EXE, but for now - don't forget it if you use Python!

    The script editor includes a kind of intellisense that filters out the available functions to you as-you-type. Objects are directly accessible and modifiable in Python: if you have an object named Sprite, you will be able to modify it like so in Python scripts:

    Sprite.X = 100

    Sprite.Angle += 1

    etc. The aim is to have all actions/expressions/conditions accessible through Python, and you should be able to find all of these through the intellisense filter in the script dialog.

    The editor also makes some corrections to code as-you-type:

    • Auto-indent (indentation is significant in Python)
    • Adding : if forgotten on certain lines
    • Substituting = (assignment) for == (equality) if accidentally typed in an if statement
    • Bracket highlighting and insertion of missing brackets

    These are experimental adjustments and they will either be kept, expanded or removed depending on community feedback, so let us know!

    This is the first Python build, so let us know your thoughts and questions. Soon I will be posting more Python tutorials and information to help you get started.

  • Okay, I had to reregister for this! Truely awesome achievement and major props for getting this done.

    I hope soon I can help out again, and as time permits I'll be having a tinker with Python and writing some tutorials.


  • Welcome back Rich

  • Are there other fixes/additions? I ask because you usually list them.

  • Not in this build - it's just the Python addition for 0.91. We'll be back to the usual bugfixes/smaller additions round for 0.92, because getting Python ready was quite a big job.

  • sweet, this means online development with construct can begin it's journey!

    here's the overview for socket programming in python:

    here's a tutorial for socket programming in python for those who need it (like me! =P):

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  • Not in this build - it's just the Python addition for 0.91.

    i believe this not to be true :)

    first noticeable change is that the hit area for "mouse is over an object" in mouse & keyboard does not work when screen is scrolled.


  • Wow, just wow. This is working so great, and I barely even need to format anything. This is such a great addition to the already great engine that is Construct!

    Thank you Ashley!

  • Awesome! I can't wait to try it out. I've been slacking on learning Python lately, but this will definitely motivate me to start up again.

  • Very cool. Nice release.

    And I think people have tried this before, but Construct seems to run in Wine on Linux. Some UI bugs, but the editor seems somewhat usable. Can scroll around in the Direct3D viewport (layout editor), select objects, modify properties, etc.

    Unfortunately it crashes when I try to view an event sheet. Looking at terminal output, it's probably due to incompleteness in Wine.

    Apps and games compiled to .exe's run just fine so far. Haven't tested Python scripting with that.

  • Dammit!

    Another thing to put on my agenda!

    In the same week, I've started toning up again (schedule of 10 pushups, 20 situps daily plus walking to and from school, and on certain days swimming for 20 minutes)

    Started learning PHP

    Went back to school

    And now Python!

    What do I drop? (I think school )


  • That's awesomeness!

  • Quick bug report:

    I'm creating a movement for a sprite. In the "New Movement" dialog the description of the different types are sometimes wrong.

    If I select "Ball", I can read about the Bullet movement in the text area below the list. And if I select Bullet, it tells me about the Ball. Looks like most other types have switched descriptions as well.

  • Fantastic

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