Construct 0.90.2 released

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    Python's being delayed by redistribution problems - in order to not delay the fixes 0.91 would have contained, I'm releasing 0.90.2 as an intermediary build. 0.91 will be released with Python support as soon as we have it working.

    Here's the changelog as usual:

    • [ADD] MOD object
    • [ADD] Binary object
    • [ADD] ID3 object
    • [ADD] File Spy object
    • [ADD] Imagelist object
    • [ADD] Process object
    • [ADD] JPEG, PNG and GIF support to Image Manipulator
    • [ADD] Copy to Sprite function in Image Manipulator
    • [ADD] NumVars expression to Sprite (get number of private variables)
    • [ADD] Time expressions to Date object
    • [ADD] Recently modified file list to ribbon
    • [ADD] Better resources support (can use binary resources)
    • [ADD] Resources support to Directsound object (can play WAVs and music in resources)
    • [ADD] Line of sight 'movement' (adds conditions to an object for detecting line of sight)
    • [CHANGE] No longer prompts when changing layout size, because a crash was reported here.
    • [CHANGE] Canvas draw line/point/fill should work better than it did before.
    • [CHANGE] New Movement dialog shows movement descriptions
    • [FIX] New Movement dialog now sorts; small memory leak fixed
    • [FIX] Add Variable dialog now themed
    • [FIX] Layers now insert correctly on layer bar
    • [FIX] Ball movement 'Max speed' property was forgetting entered values.
    • [FIX] Crash changing frames.
    • [FIX] Can type layout name as well as number for 'Go to frame'.
    • [FIX] Crash at runtime after deleting all objects when families were used.
    • [FIX] Support for family movements (if every object in a family has the same movements, you can use movement actions to affect the whole family).
    • [FIX] Support for family private variables. Only variables which exist in all the types in the family are listed for the family, but this means you can have whichever variables you want in each separate object - just the ones in common are in the family.
    • [FIX] Problem with Button where enabled and visible properties didn't work.
    • [FIX] Physics on Tiled Backgrounds collided at the wrong place.
    • [FIX] Occasional crash using families with private variables
    • [FIX] Fullscreen previewing no longer crashes the IDE when you close (re-fixed)
    • [FIX] Objects with a pivot point at x=0 display correctly in layout editor
    • [FIX] 'Use expression' on parameters no longer broken
    • [FIX] Image editor flip and mirror
    • [FIX] Resizing objects in layout editor when zoomed in or out now resize correctly
    • [FIX] Automatic naming when adding an object are now unique
    • [FIX] Crash changing layouts with different numbers of layers
    • [FIX] Layer filter changing while changing opacity
    • [FIX] Editing the image of an animation automatically maintains the scaling of all the instances of the object
    • [FIX] Type checker accepts 'ceil', 'DisplayWidth', 'DisplayHeight'.
    • [FIX] Crash defining global variables from the parameters dialog.
    • [FIX] Effect actions sometimes did not add for the right effect.
  • YESSSSSS Thanks Ashley =D gonna test it now!


    You even put in my ask support for more image types, woooo, you are god. hehe.

  • Awesome update! Oh, and you can take your time on Python, I've been slacking on learning it lately (j/k)

    One thing I was excited (and surprised) about in this update was MOD support. Just a heads up, though, I had to download the following .dll's to make it work:




    At first (when previewing from the IDE) Construct was giving an error stating that it couldn't load the MOD.csx plugin, but when I exported my test .cap to .exe I got the missing .dll errors. Downloading them seems to have fixed the problem, because now I can load and play a mod either from an .exe or in the IDE preview.

  • - [CHANGE] New Movement dialog shows movement descriptions

    The descriptions are all mixed up

  • Did you add those start-up checks you were talking about? *reads list* Aw... guess not.

  • You need to fix MOD problem(Look at deadeye post). I want to have MOD support, because they're very small music files.

  • Can we have a clipboard object which interfaces with Binary Object at some point? Twould be groovy.

  • Yay!

    -50 excess events.

  • <3

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  • Hmm! You can create scripts by right-click > add script in the event editor... I couldn't get if it did work or I can't script it! Ashley, do it works?

  • For some reason, now when I go test out what I've created, the window is just gray. It won't let me preview my game.

  • Hmm! You can create scripts by right-click > add script in the event editor... I couldn't get if it did work or I can't script it! Ashley, do it works?

    I think this is just a bugfix build, in between the previous build and Python support.

    ie Python isn't in yet. But it won't be too long.

  • eww eww mikmod

    thanks for adding in at least some mod support anyway... why not have gone with libmodplug? It would have supported way more modules with much less showstopping rendering errors.... libmodplug, open-source modplug replayer engine licensed under GPL ... oc=licence originally based off libmodplug, but specifically suited for game-making. Might be a different license.

    keep up the great work :3

  • Awesome update.

    I have a request... can you set the forum/website favicon to Construct or Scirra's gear logo? Random thing to ask, but would be nice.

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