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  • Hi everyone,

    On a serious note for a minute, I want to make something absolutely clear. Nobody is to deliberately attempt to cause flamewars or provoke reactions on other people's website, or any website for that matter. If you think this is a safe haven for such activity, you are wrong, and will be banned. This is your warning here, so from now on I will be banning immediately on suspicion of such activity, without warning.

    Even if swarms of spambots were to overrun these forums, that would still NOT be a sign for anybody to resort to such low tactics either; if anything, that is specifically the time you would display complete restraint, no matter how annoyed you may find yourself.

    Finally, nothing I say can or should be interpreted as a sign or instruction to do that: I condemn all such activity.

    Thanks everyone, I'm sure you understand, and remember - we're just here to make Construct as good as possible!


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