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  • Throughout the course of developing my Construct project I've created a number of handy little bits and pieces that would almost certainly serve some use to others in the future.

    I would like an area on the Construct wiki site where users can submit useful components for others to use.

    For example. I built a high-score table, and it is reasonably solid and adjustable. (Ie. Instead of using hard-coded numbers, it uses loops to count the number of columns/rows in the given array). This could save someone a lot of work and bugtesting for their own projects.

    I also designed a nice little slider that can set an arbitrary number between 1 and whatever you desire. The output is thrown into a visible text box that can be read by other events/actions. I've also created dial style controls that do the same thing (they're used for angles).

    Now I need a place where I (and others) can share these useful components that doesn't require digging through hundreds of posts in the forum. I have indeed seen the "Sorry, you can't search right now - try again in a few minutes" message more than enough times.

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  • I have thought about this before also. I think it is a bit awkward until(If) we get some sort of event sheet import ability.

  • I agree! I know I've done a lot of work that I intend to reuse in the future. It would be great if someone else could use it, too. The current way to do it is through sharing capx files(at least for Construct 2), which I think works well enough. The difficult part is in making it searchable. Maybe a subforum?

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