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  • I know we can add comments inbetween events, but It would be really great if we could also add comments inbetween the action lines of an event.

    Especially for when you are for example altering various variables in one event and want to remind yourself what each is for.


  • Sounds useful. In fact, adding comments between conditions might be of use, too.

  • Seems to me it would just clutter up the actions section. You can always just write out what everything is in a comment above or below your event.

    I don't know, maybe it would be useful to some folks but I guess it's not a feature I would use personally.

  • You could probably clutter the event sheet up with comments anyway if you were of the mind to. Pretty much anything is open to abuse if you want to.

    It might be useful for more convoluted blocks of events, sounds like it might have some merit there in particular.

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  • In programming languages you can comment everywhere, so it makes sense to be able to put them in action lines I guess.

  • I could implement it as a system action and a system condition which has a string parameter...I could even draw it in the event sheet to look a bit different to the normal system actions/conditions... would that be okay?

  • I think a more elegant way is to have a 'Comment' object in the Event Wizard, which when clicked simply goes to the parameter stage.

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