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  • Seriously, Is there a way to have some type of color replacer? It would be just for Megaman. It could be useful for anyone who needs multiple colors for 1 sprites. Like a fighthing game. You could do it how MMF2 did it, but better.

    "RGBAt( "SpritePalette", >Enter X coordinate<, >Enter Y coordinate<)"

    This would grab the color on sprites X and Y values. Then it would replace all color that has the same color value as the one located on the X and Y

    So first you'd select the color. A color dialog box would come up.

    Or use the expression editor.

    Replace Color

    "RGBAt( "SpritePaletteTarget", 1, 3)"

    Replace With

    "RGBAt( "SpritePaletteData", 1, 3)"

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  • I actually support this. You'll be surprised how much games uses this to recycle the same sprites but just with different colors..

  • A color replacer is easy to write in a pixel shader, but we don't have a colour parameter for shaders yet.

    An expression to get the colour of a pixel on a sprite's texture would probably not be a good idea. That information is stored on the GPU, and events run on the CPU. It would be extremely slow if you requested that information.

  • When you are able to, you can make it a pixel shader?

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