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  • it'd be useful to be able to make boxes checked at startup, I'm making a test environment where I have a bunch of controls I want to toggle on and off through checkboxes

    I want them all visible when you startup, and you can uncheck them to make them invisible. also, I wanted to make it, so you can check or uncheck 'all' and it will automatically check or uncheck the rest of the checkboxes. but there is no action to control the checking of a checkbox, so I can't do any of that.

    also, I tried to make an action where if mouse is over a button and left button is down something happened, since there is no "is pressed" action for buttons, and I wanted the button to continue to change a value as it was held. even though it lets me set these conditions for mousekeyboard, it doesn't acknowledge them

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  • There's actions to check and uncheck check boxes.

    I'm not sure about the second thing; it may be there's a windows notification somewhere for it, I'll check when my internet works properly.

  • wow


    no seriously, I guess there's no way to report this bug and it probably doesn't happen often, but that wasn't there yesterday...also yesterday, the private variables that I added for the first time while setting their value in the set value function weren't appearing in the properties pane, and now they are there

    I swear. I'm not going crazy

    what day is it?

  • If you add a private variable with the object's properties open in the event sheet editor, they won't update to show it, yet.

    As for the first thing, I've not heard of a report of this yet, so I'd hope it's you being forgetful over a bug .

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