change sprite animation inside bonemovement

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  • I'd like to be able to change the current animation for the sprite/bone in a keyframe.

    This can make for very complex animations. Could be done with events... but so could bone movements, it's just easier to animate if its in the behaviour.

  • Me too!

    Btw I think smth like that is possible, you just need to create a function in event sheet, like:

    if (compare animation frame(in the bone section) - there you must assign a bone animation's frame number), then (sprite ? A - Set Animation Frame ? B). Hope I'm right. Or ask David about that.

    But: your idea is to make this process more comfortable as I understand. I think they cannot make that yet. Maybe if I will learn bones in Construct better, I'll make a contribution like advanced bone animation. At least I hope so.

  • Sry, didn't read your post carefully! Maybe they are working on that.

  • Also, making a bone invisible or visible in a keyframe in the animation editor would be really useful.

    Like, for weapons or gear. Or even facial animation (though facial would be easier by just changing between animations)

  • Also, opacity. Actually one might want even MORE stuff to be editable in keyframes. Maybe just allowing interpolation of private variables in the animation editor would let you handle the rest in a simple event from outside?

    It seems someone found a way to solve this though ( Will try it soon.

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  • By the sounds of it I think I'm going to have to add separate properties for each limb/bone.

    So you could click the arm, and you'd have (idealy) options for width, height, animation name, animation frame?, filter, opacity, visibility, etc.

    If only my uni homework would do itself for me

  • Yeah I just realised there are too many things to animate.

    If you could add "binding" private variables to BoneMovement and then set their values as keyframes and the interpolation type, one could use simple events (on every tick) to tie them to whatever.


    in BoneMovement current animation

    Bound private variables:


    in current animation frames set each frame's value

    *always: Limb1: set Opacity to Root.limb1opacity

    with that done you could control many many things using BoneMovement.

    I tried doing something similar synching a timeline with BoneMovement, but timeline is missing critical stuff which prevent one from interpolating.

    Edit: also, can bones be removed? Whenever I add a wrong bone seems I have to do it all over again.

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