Any chance of a new version before the IGF?

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  • I really need the audio crash bug fixed. I'm sending my game to the IGF and as it is, the player can barely get past the first battle before it crashes.

    I've resorted to trying to make a secondary app that runs in the background that plays the audio so if the audio crashes, it doesn't take down the game with it. The only problem with that is it when it crashes it leaves an error message that has to be closed before it will actually close the program, even with kill process, so if it crashes, they have to manually close the audioapp before it can restart.

    Although I suppose I could simply run a ton of them and have them close a bunch of error messages upon quitting...

  • When's the IGF deadline?

  • November 1st, but I also want to submit it to the indie game challenge, which is October 31st, and they apparently require submissions by mail, so I would need to send it at the latest about the 29th.

  • Wish I knew that before :S

    Good luck with the IGF, and have faith: A new version could be just around the corner!

  • Do you mean bug 2863906? I'll see if I can get a hotfix for it at least.

  • I'm afraid I can't find the files you say you emailed me in the bug report (this is why I ask all possible files are attached or uploaded to permanent storage). Not sure why I can't find them - might've been junked or auto deleted or something

    If you re-send them or (preferably) upload/attach them then I can have a look at a quick update.

  • Do you mean bug 2863906? I'll see if I can get a hotfix for it at least.

    Yep, that's the one. Thanks! PM'ing the links to the files.

  • Fixed! Took a couple of hours to work it out, but it was a good catch - thanks for finding it. There was a fairly subtle multithreading issue which was a bit of a headache, but it affected all loaded sounds of any format, so pretty important to fix!

    Attached is the runtime version of XAudio2.csx. Paste it over your Plugins\Runtime copy and it should be fixed. (the edittime plugin has not changed)

  • this is the kind of support that impresses me. kudos!

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    It hasn't been mentioned enough lately. You guys rock!

  • That is some incredibly fast turn around time!

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