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  • I've been thinkin that is it possible to have metallish reflections on sprites etc. So you could have sky reflected into your aircraft or whatever needed. Or you could have chromed guns that would look awesome.

    So the challenge is to create a metallish looking texture or sprite that can be used in Construct and that it would reflect some of surroundings on it. This might sound hard but I remember seeing 2d engine which had effect like this and I got feeling that this could be made with FX..

    Good Luck Winner gets cookie!

  • In photoshop I use to do this with an overlay with a reflection layer that's unlinked to the image that reflects and grouped to it, so that it only shows where the reflecting image is opaque. This masking with another layer's alpha, how would that work?

    Can construct render to offscreen buffers btw? stencil, channels?

  • God damnit this is hard

  • Hmm, it'd be interesting to figure something like that out. Like, what if a character walks over a a bridge and you want to see the bridges and the characters reflection in the water below, maybe with a ripple effect or whatever?

    I think you could do this with an instance... someone would have to give it a try

  • Hmm... Texture projection comes to my mind. Take the original sprite, terrain, a 'shadow' sprite that is basically a reflection or something. Project the 'shadow' onto terrain based on relation between the original sprite and terrain. That's how shading is done, at least... but it could be done the same way for reflection; put 'shadow' onto the original sprite and use some height mapping stuff, then project from surrounding stuff.

  • Well it would be cool and we are trying to figure it out on chat right now... I got something done but nothin worth showing yet

  • Damn you RICH!

  • Lovely fitting avatar .

  • Had to change it to more fitting one But back to topic anyone managed to do anything?

  • You could take a quick look at the Rain demo. It's not exactly what you want, but the puddles are reflective and show clouds in the sky in them.

  • i'm at work now, and i'm going to be pretty busy today when i get home, so i wont be able to take a crack at it til sunday probably, but this can be done. using resizing canvases alone or with lens shader and canvases

  • sounds promising

  • ive already thought about asking for something like this.

    the only way i see it could be done is using a pixel shader. im not sure how i can explain what you need to do without a picture so here

    <img src="">

    youd need to map the layout area into a virtual hemi cylinder, and map the sprite as a virtual cylinder (or sphere depending on what shader youd need), then youd need to make the sprite reflect what was on that hemi layout. things farthest from the sprite would be extremely squished, ect like youd expect on a rounded objects reflection. then youd have parameters like reflectivity, and specularity. it would be pretty GPU heavy tho.

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  • Hmm looking good

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