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  • well i find it kinda strange that theres no way to flood fill with the canvas, its a pretty basic drawing operation, and i think it should be implemented, along with a filled polygon tool.

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  • You can try "Clear to Colour" under the Canvas actions.

    If it's just to start then the flood fill tool works in the canvas object picture editor.

    Or. . just in case you meant something else: Layout Properties > Layout Colour

  • you dont understand, i want to be able to draw lets say a circles then say fill at x,y and it will fill the inside of that circle or the outside depending if i filled inside or outside the circle

    basically i want to be able to fill like you can in paint

    (and do you seriously think i dont know about clear to colour )

  • I couldn't imagine that you didn't know about any of that.

    You were so incredibly vague at the outset. I felt I had to be very base in my answer to get you to expound on your post. I hope my little ruse de guerre hasn't offended.

    Maybe, as you've now explained what you actually want, someone else will be able to help.

  • I knew exactly was he was looking for from reading his first post.

  • I'm just curious if you had any applications in mind for this. The only thing I can think of is making a more complete paint example.

  • well atm there is no way of creating filled shapes, besides pasting. id like to be able to make filled in shapes on the fly like how you can currently draw lines. the only way to do said things would be to have a polygon option, or have a polygon drawing action.

    i find construct's canvas object is very lacking in the feature department, all you can really do is draw lines and paste atm.

    the mmf overlay redux (same thing as canvas) is much more advanced, as you can give it N number of points, and then it will create a filled polygon for you. i would really like it if one of the devs made this feature availabe. (it also has a flood fill action) it has line thickness, and ellipse drawing with line thickness, all of these things can very much be used, and should be implemented in the very basic canvas object.

    btw Euphronios dont wrry about it

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  • Ah, now I'm starting to see applications for it ... games that draw all sorts of interesting geometric shapes that are player controlled in some interesting way ... they all seem to involve the sort of complex math that would be right up your alley. I guess I should have expected that all along.

  • I'm with quazi on this one

    specially the polygons

    also GM had textured polygons

    gradient fills is another idea down the line

    games that draw all sorts of interesting geometric shapes that are player controlled in some interesting way

    not just random shapes, but objects like characters that deform according to physics (soft bodies)

    you could make scenes that don't lose detail regardless of how much you zoom

    smooth animations with any amount of frames but no extra ram usage

    basically anything you could do with a vector graphics program

    granted, yes, those types of things would take some major math

    but I agree with quazi that without some extra features canvas's feature set seems pretty sparse

    even for simpler applications. not that I'm complaining, construct freakin rocks, but I noticed the same thing

    I was trying to make a vector graphics engine with gm, but the math to convert an arbitrary arrangement of points into a triangle list totally slowed down the interpreter after about 20 points.

    and once I added bezier curves (even rough ones), it was clear it wasn't going to happen. construct is much faster, I'd love to have another crack at something like that

    filled polygons + layers + opacity + pixel shaders = heaven

  • also need to make it so you can save/ load the changes made to a canvas

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