Cache event sheets for preview - is it possible?

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  • My game is starting to take a long time to preview, even after its graphics are cached - about 30 seconds at this point and there's a lot more code to come! Most of the time I'm only working on one or two event sheets, so construct spends a lot of time recompiling a whole bunch of code that hasn't been touched over and over again. My suggestion is for construct to cache event sheets that haven't been edited the same way it does for graphics.

    Would this be possible for construct? If not, could it make it into C2?

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  • Why are you so sure the events are causing the delay? Compiling events is a very simple and fast process, unlike compressing a large amount of texture data to PNG. If you delete all your events, does the preview speed up?

  • Yup. Deleting all the events from my game, it previews in under half a second. This obviously isn't an issue for smaller games, but I'm nearing 5000 events.

  • I second this request.

  • I've had the OP's issue, except mine was with graphic images.

    For example, I had a set of 30 animation frames that were 800kb's each. It took forever to preview. But when I cut the images down to between 130kb's to 200kb's, the preview loaded much quicker. Of course, I realize that smaller images load faster than larger ones.

    However, I know it's not my computer that caused the slow load times prior to the cutdown. My CPU is not the best, but at 2 and a half Ghz, and 3 GB's of RAM, it should handle everything in Construct fine. But there are quite a few hiccups with loading and saving even smaller images and layouts. When I've used the same images in Visual Studio/XNA, they loaded quickly at even large memory sizes.

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