Bulk rename (groups/functions/loops) in Event Sheet Editor

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  • Hightlight all the groups you want to rename and add _1, _2, _3, or whatever, to the end of all the names. it would be good if it could rename the group's actions with the same name too (enable/disable/toggle) to match. And bulk renaming functions and loops, bascially anything in the ESE where we have to make up a random name for.

    Since the action enable/disable for groups won't be able to distinguish between two groups with the same name any time soon, if ever. And groups are much better than pVariables in terms of neatness and toggling, this would be a good feature for people that want to use groups like pVariables and for my previous problem,

    (not lazy, I just have that many pVariables that are actually set up to mimic how groups work, and it's a lot to switch to groups with copy & paste and rename one by one and especially when changing names around).

    Some other people may find this useful and I take it this wouldn't be hard to do?

    There is a program called bulk rename utility if anyone wants to see in action some of the cool things something like that can do and get ideaes. Beware! bulk rename utility is overkill for most users.

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  • Why not just give your groups appropriate names in the first place? This sounds like a tool specially designed for people who have made mistakes in organising their events

  • The groups are just the same events repeated for each character, bulk rename would just make the process faster. Instead of dealing with a lot of custom flags and calculation, I set it up for each character to only do one thing at once only and auto toggle everything else to ovoid any possible contradiction.. Basically, groups and character don't interact with each other I just dictate all actions via 1 gVariable and 3rd party objects for damage and hitboxes and such.

    Anyho, atleast you give it a look. I'll just have to do it the slow way, good ol fashion style renaming 1by1, It just feels the same as when everyone had to rename every instance of an object.

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