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  • I would like to see a "custom button" object or wizard.

    I did a search and couldnt find anything related to this but someone probably has

    a button-making plug-in or something which Im not sure of how to use plugins anyway but...

    It would take the place of doing the whole sprite-animation-frame-mouseover routine.

    Realistically it could even just be a sort of "custom button wizard" that takes the user through the steps of importing the two or three images, sets up the sprite animation frames for him but hides the sprite objects in its own "custom button" object, gives it a unique name which is changable from its own properties list.

    Is this two vague?

    I use a load of buttons in my programs and I always end up opting for the plan windows button object instead of Sprite and animation frame routine...lazy me.

    So is this an unreasonable request or should I give it more thought and come back with all the details you say you need to make the programmers job easier?

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  • There is one: Sprite Button Plugin by linkman2004

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