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  • I am curious about the best way to put cinematics into a Construct game. In particular is it better to use Construct to create the animation or to use third party animation / video editing software to create an animation and import it into Construct as an mpeg or something? What are the trade offs of each method?

    (I hope this was the correct forum section for this post.)

  • Your talking about in game cinematics (with in-game graphics) right?

    The whole advantage of that over a video file is file size (and ease to make if you have no 3d experience etc.). You should be able to use construct to make the animation. I think this is the best way. Deadeye did some cinematics in his game for tigsource competition..

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  • Yes.. as for size and for easy editing, you should make the cinematics in construct itself. Just use some sprites and make them move or something.

  • I always prefer in-game cinematics presentation-wise anyway, it feels more immersive since it doesn't take you out of the game.

  • Thanks all. Sorry if I bother anyone with silly questions. I often find that I don't know the types of things that people are expected to know but do know the types of things that people aren't expected to know ... if you know what I mean.

  • The timeline object should now be a great aid to in-game Cinematics

  • Yes, perhaps before the Timeline object my answer would have been different, but since then, it's not only better, but much easier to do it inside Construct.

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