Is this a bugg?

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  • Hi! I created a new game. Then i made the screen size 640x4800 and created a car at the bottom witch was supposed to drive through the level to the top of the screen using a physics movement. I tried to allways add a force to it, but it just stood there. I checked all the settings, and it was supposed to move, but nothing happened.

    Then for some reason i tried to place it higher up on the screen, and it suddenly worked. It looks like the physics movement gets dissabled if the Y coordinate is higher then about 3900.

    Could someone try to confirm this, or prove me wrong?

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  • I'll have to check the Physics movement: it does have a finite world size, and I believe I originally set the dimensions somewhere in the region of several thousand pixels in all directions from 0,0, but I guess this isn't enough. Changing the world X/Y scale values might increase the maximum world area. I'll investigate this soon.

  • Where do you change that? Changing the world X/Y scale didn't help.

  • i think Ashley meant changing the hardcoded values in Construct's code

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