Bug #2001042

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  • Who posted this bug?

    http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.ph ... id=1003219

    It's a very serious problem that I want to investigate, and I can't put all the pieces together from the provided files. I need to contact the person who encountered the error, and find out what they were doing in the IDE before the save error occurred. Since the .cap opens and saves fine, one of the actions done in the IDE since that save seems to have corrupted the application memory, and caused an error during saving. I need to narrow down or identify one action that causes this memory corruption - so if anybody has any clues, let me know...

  • Is that the Cap-Killer bug? In that case: HUNT IT DOWN!

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  • Oh, sorry, it's me.

    I was developing a game with 3DBoxes simulating walls of a house and a cockroach.

    I made some progress, so when i save the CAP, that messagebox have appeared.

    Im gonna see what I have done before...

  • I cant repeat the error... >.<

    I remember doing theses things:

    • Creating a lot of 3D Boxes for the house things.
    • Add a 8-Dir movement for the cockroach
    • Set "center view on me" on the cockroach
    • Rotating the door
    • Add more 3D Boxes... =p
    • Set the bed texture (primitive drawing, with texture resizing).
    • Set the wardrobe texture (with more texture resizing)
    • Set "solid" properties on some 3DBoxes
    • Tested the game 2 or 3 times.
    • Add Tiled Background for the bathroom floor.

    I can't renember anymore... but its a lot of thing without save...

    Later... (~10min) doing other things on PC (i think i was just browsing over internet[Firefox] hearing MP3[XMPlay]) the save give me that error.


    Ah... my TV-Card Program was running all the time. (PowerVCR II)

    Here's my blueprint... =p


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