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  • I've found the box object to be quite useful, although I as just wondering if it was possible to have a similiar object but it creates a circle instead?

  • Its planned to do. Check to do list.

  • I think you guys scared Ashley by evoluating the Box in to the Circle.

    If you look at the Box. Then you will see its missing some properties. Also its missing some actions and conditions compared to a sprite driven object.

    To me it looks like it was meant as another faceless object. And this object was meant to be used as "help object". As a sensor. As a way to mark locations. As .... uhh ... so many things.

    I think (well assume) that it got its face (the borders) more by accident.

    But now it has a face, everyone refers to it to ask for similar but in a circle form.

    I would rather have an object with a surface driven by math. So i can make a 5 sides, a 6 sides, and yes also a 4 sides and a circle by one object by just giving it the number of sides in a property. Also, this can not be the Box object. The Box has, i think a different use, it has to be simple and fast. The object i am asking for should have the same properties, actions and conditions as a sprite driven object.

    hope you see what i mean.

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  • I have a special ability. I can forsee that aspal is going to write something like: "I think you're misunderstanding my post Attan, I said "Box" not "3D box"."

    Edit: Aha! Told you!

  • I think you're misunderstanding my post Attan, I said "Box" not "3D box".

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