BOT in the Developers contest.

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  • Hey guys, I entered a demo for my Run and Gun platform game called "BOT" into the Indiepub Developers contest.

    I know there isn't a chance in hell I'd ever win but I thought that it would be an easy way to get people to play the game.

    There is a really bad quality video you can check out before you download it.

    It was obviously made with construct. It shows this when you play the game (I couldn't find a Construct logo that was big enough for the game window, so I had to make my own, hope it is ok). I created all of the graphics and wrote and recorded the soundtrack.

    Here is the link:

    It's pretty basic, but let me know what you guys think. Cheers.


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  • based on the video, that actually looks pretty good. I recommend extending the levels to add more exploration inbetween the gun fights unless that's actually there. I also noticed that the bullet casings simply fall down after being used rather than falling all over the ground as they usually do so maybe a change would add a subtle improvement.

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