bookmarks bar and questions about objects bar

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  • Something I would really like is a bookmarks bar, set up sort of like the objects bar, to the left of the main window. It would list all the bookmarks in the event sheet, and they could be named. It would make it a lot faster to find bookmarks if you could click it instead of repeatedly clicking 'next bookmark'. It would be nice if they were small too, as tall as a line of text, so that a lot of them could fit on the screen at one time. Then one click on the bookmark scrolls to the code you're looking for.

    Also, about the objects bar - might it be possible to make it like the other tabs (layers, project, etc.)? As it is, it opens every time I open a layout, and I have to close it again and again since I usually don't use it, and if I close it and need it, it seems like the only way to open it again is to close the layout and reopen it.

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  • On the first query: yes, certainly possible, and a good idea for large event sheets. Can hopefully be done soon.

    Second query: yes again, currently it automatically docks to the left every time, but I'm sure very soon we can have a preference to hide it by default or dock it elsewhere. A button in the main tab to show/hide it, too.

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