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  • This is not urgent but: could you add a visual timeline for bone animating like in Flash and distribute boned objects or bones to layers or maybe create an engine for that kind of work? I think it will ease the work on bone animating much!

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  • It sounds like something that's pretty hard to do, though obviously useful.

    Something to note is that most animations can be accomplished in just 2-4 frames, due to tweening, so complex animations would be fairly rare.

  • Btw,maybe there's a way to create a bone animation in another program and import it to Construct as a piece of code or somehow else? I'm saying that because it's very hard to work with bones - no undo's(that's not auful, but doesn't give a lot of pleasure), no frame postion changing possibility and one frame lies on other when you try to remove one of the frames,so I have to erase the full animation and start it over. The animation is closer to realistic, so it can't be simple like in bone tutorials. And Construct crushes when I press one or another key or button often. But I like the fact there's possibility to make smooth transitions to other animations! Anyway the engine is glitchy, but promising!

  • Learned to make bone animations! I was wrong about the complexity of yourengine! And if I open only one project and don't minimize it for long, it works great! Now I get pleasure of working, big thanks! Now I know it's pretty easy to animate bones!

  • I asked about a timeline ages ago... maybe post v1.0 as it's not critical to have, but it could prove very handy


  • I asked about a timeline ages ago... ~Sol

    I did ask to.

  • > I asked about a timeline ages ago... ~Sol


    I did ask to.

    Maybe if we both give David a big sloppy kiss he will make one?


  • Come here mr Davey *smooches* ....... never speak of this again.

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