Bad People on Construct!!!

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  • Hey.

    I am not a guy who likes to complain about stuff in life! But Me & VDrake75 are best friends respect that. we both are really proffesional in what we do. We come here with no agendas but to enjoy making games & best of all making a living in it, I am doing gamedev for nearly 9 years now! Vdrake75 if i am correct nearly 20 years now.

    I've Started my own Company Eagle Lore Now i get strange people saying we have a childish site

    We are in such position that we do not need Construct people to give us a bad word of mouth!

    Do we talk bad about your web site? Do we talk bad about newbies here? Do we Talk bad about people's projects here & upcoming help? No ... But i sincerly think me & Vdrake75 should start to do this, Just to give your own medicine back. But we will never due to we are better than that. This Construct site is laging of Great Moderator! Yes it's true go & get yourself better Moderator, just go & do your job

    Cheers ...

  • I don't know what has happened but imo the site does look a bit off putting. It's a bit hmm hard for eyes and so on. And if there are more than one dude who is saying something could be better done, I would call that criticism and thats something you gotta listen to.

    -Seagull out

    Kaww Kaww


    Now I see whats the problem. About my reply on your "AAA" title it was all about missing anything to show us. It was a bit rude but it's me every other day. But I stand before my point. THE END

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  • Yes youre right xzalion if people don't like stuff they should stfu.We don't need to be critisized by someone who probably doesn't even own thier own domain.Those who criticize are just smallminded little people that has got nothing else to do.Help instead of critisizing everything you see.Don't say things like nah the site puts me off and stuff like that.Rather say hey a pictured background would look awesome or the game looks cool but personally id change that or this.If carmack listened to the critics we would never had an awesome game like quake.

  • Lol if I don't wanna spend few euros every year for useless domain it's not off from me. You can keep thinkin that you're over "us" the mortal ones if you want but don't pour that shit and explanations (how your site is the great and there's nothing wrong on it) on us.

    Little EDIT

    Put some flowers on the background and it's the best site ever.

    You should work out yourself how you could make it a bit better but I can say one thing: The bar with buttons is messy and the font is annoying.

  • Let's not go overboard here and start pointless flaming.

    Personally I'm glad for vdrake75 and xzalion that they are such good friends and they're even making games together. I applaud that. All the best luck for you and your projects. Seriously.

    What I personally don't get is the attitude. You guys being pretty new to this community. You may be getting negative criticism and maybe one comment short of being polite. But that's no reason to generalize the matter and talk about "Bad People on Construct". Come on. Your skin is really that thin?

    And I may say it again: good luck with becoming the next Carmack and all. But there's no path worth beating where you'll get your ass kissed all the time. So be prepared for that...

  • See Sagal exactly that kind of response im talking about.Your such a little man.

  • You claim to be professionals, but so far everything I have seen from you has been on the amateurish side - behavior, the website, conduct on these forums etc.

    No offense, but you two strike me as naive. But that is fine, only by trying you will gain invaluable experience. It would do you well to heed advice from more experienced people who have been out on the field for far longer than you two.

    That is all from me.

  • Gotta answer to that accusation. : I'm fine if that's your opinion but at least im not going around these forums and bragging how awesome me and my game is and then giving silly excuses like that in this place it's hard to make games (how so explanation please!). And so on.

  • Dom klomp poese die.Hulle weet nie eers wat waarvan hulle praat nie.Maar ons sal hierdie kindertjies wys , want hulle dink mos dis kaksnaaks om iemand af te breek.tlago betsa sagal dit beteken bliksem in setswana.Ek groet eers vir nou sien jou later xzalion dan skop ons hulle gatte

    -Aan almal wat kak is hier Jou Ma se Ma-

  • Haha good try we can play this game on both sides but im not childish enough for that as I'm not afraid of reply. But good luck!

  • HAHAHAHAHA jou klein trosvel mannetjie.

  • Fok hulle die konte!!! Hulle is verf etters my ou maat. Die kont weet nie eers hoe om a game te skryf. en vir lucid leksiawena - dit bedoel ek gaan jou dood doner.

    Van nou af praat ek my taal op blogs ens. en fok die res

    die rowwe bliksem Xzalion

  • According to Google translate people are being pretty nasty in a different language, which isn't really cool. Threads not in English will be locked especially if people are using a different language to insult people behind their backs.

    Anyways, this is really boring, if you want to argue on the internet you came to the wrong site. I'm not taking sides, I'm just closing this, because the whole thing is really stupid and nobody here seems to be dealing with anything well. I honestly don't care to deal with stupid internet arguments so if nobody is being constructive expect to see the post closed off like this. If you hold any bitterness or anger still, after seeing this post closed off, you are still not dealing with it well and need to chill out for a while, because it's not that important, plus I don't care and any subsequent angry posts will also be locked. If you have an issue with how anything is being moderated, at any time, please take it up with PM and I will discuss it with you privately.

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