anyone, what's up with the python?

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  • Davo can say for sure, but I think he said he'd fixed some of the problems with Python in the next build.

    Just curious about the status of the python stuff in general

    especially any changes planned for the .99 build

    in particular:

    making it so you don't have to have the extra python file with your exe

    whatever it is that makes everyone say "python is broken right now"

    and also the object picking issue

    wondering what the priority and/or progress is on those

  • Hmm, not sure, heh

  • Old thread..?

  • I guess it is. I must be a spambot or something.

  • Were you by any chance trying to become the last person to post in every forum?

    Tsk tsk .

  • No.


    <img src="">

  • Untill now I have been a very unhappy Construct Python script coder. But now

    Apparently some Issues have been fixed. Now code like the following actually works:

    for spr in Sprite:
    	spr.X += 1
    This is enough for me to do most of the stuff I want to.
    Now I am missing an option to use python as actions without the System:Run 
    And an option to use Python scripts for picking objects in the event/condition part of the events
    Basicly an option to pick and unpick objects and access the collection of all picked objects.
    Will we see some better python integration in the future?
  • Did you try right clicking and 'insert script' ?

  • I am using the right click insert script. And it works...

    What I am asking is to insert a Python Condition or a Python Action... a slight difference.

    Also... it seems that the new version requires python 2.6 and not 2.5. The installer installs 2.5 and the "insert event warning popup says 2.5 as well"

  • What do you mean? You can run object actions/use object conditions already.

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  • Example.... I want to do some python stuff with all the MonsterSprites that overlaps LaserSprite

    I would create a condition, MonsterSprite.overlaps LaserSprite

    and then create a PythonScript that works on the picked objects from the condition.

    From Python I am not able to successfully use Sprite.Overlaps to check for ovelapping Sprites ... Any hints?

  • I would say don't use python.

  • This sounds like something really basic that could be done easily with events why bother using python?

  • I don't think he actually posted what he wants to do with python. He just says WITH what he'll be doing it. Who knows, maybe every time a monster collides with a laser a FLAMETHROWER INMOLATES THE PLAYER.

    Player inmolation cannot be achieved with construct events. This is NOT a feature request.

    That said, I can't get python to work yet so I can't help.

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