Anyone still use Directsound?

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  • wouldnt it be quite easy to write a converter? i mean someone said they have the same features so wouldent it just be a case by case replacement? having said that, as construct matures more plugins may become obsolete, we may have to work out a generic system to take care of this sort of thing...

  • No, we haven't coded any easy way to do plugin-converting yet. Besides, I don't think there's an exact 1:1 mapping for Directsound to XAudio2 features, so it's probably not possible in the first place. Also XAudio2 has several new features in areas like caching, which ought to be taken advantage from the beginning, not used in a Directsound-style way.

  • oh right i understand now. probably be best just to hide it in the list then... opening old caps will pop up a warning... maybe not let you run until you replace all the sound actions? construct rules btw, keep up the good work!

  • ripped it off like a band aid!

    (Although it sounds like you just shoved the band aid into your pocket just in case.)

  • Why not SDL_mixer?

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  • Why do you suggest SDL_Mixer? I'm not interested in the cross-platform features, and it is missing a lot of XAudio2 features.

  • If you removed it, would it be possible to move some old directsound files from a previous folder across into the new installation (or something)- just to make it possible to open it in the new version.

    Basically I don't like the sound of not being able to open it, I don't mind if the sounds don't work and I have to change to xaudio2, but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet, and I don't want to install a new version one day and find I've lost my entire game for the sake of it's sound.

  • Directsound was removed from the insert object dialog in the last build, but is still included for opening old files.

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