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  • hello? anyone use cc. It's rocking right?

  • Sorry,

    But not everyone will use CC as Scirra retired it. Also, CC only make Windows games. But as far as I know, some peoples still use CC because it was free and open-source. But now, everyone including me prefer to use C2 as it can make games for another platforms instead of Windows.

  • Not just because of that, C2 has way more features than CC.

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  • aww that's sad

  • I don't really use it anymore, but I do have a fondness for it, so I try to help the Help & Support questions when I can

  • As it has been said, CC has been retired, and scirra themselves recommands not using it, due to his buggyness, need of workarounds to use it properly, lack of support and documentation (even though I think there are somewhere), even though the source code is availiable, they recommand not using as a base nor update it since it was badly done for such a project, that is why C2 has been done from scratch.

    However sole people are still using it (I know the french unoficcial forum were mostly around CC when I joined it, mostly due to misjudgement of html5 and "all hail to mighty CC" but maybe you can find elsewhere a place with more people using it.)

  • A good reason to use CC is that it's free and you can sell your game.

  • playerelite

    Conversely, a reason for not using it is it is very, very broken in certain areas, such as using 'or' and 'else', and large projects tend to crash a lot.

  • Ahahah :p

    Yeah, in an old project I had a lot of events and it was really buggy -> took 30 seconds to load the project (even if I have i5 3.4 GhZ processor, 8 Gb ram etc...) but now I use this way :

  • I think if C2 had Python support I would use it.

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