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  • Hi all.

    I am putting together a community opensource project to start modernizing and improving construct classic. In the next couple of days, more info will be found at, for now the discussion/information will be on reddit at

    If you like construct classic and would like to see it better, come help us out!

    thanks for reading,

    Jerry (silverback)

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  • That's a loosing proposition I'm afraid. The ui has a proprietary library heavily entrenched.

  • When we announced we had retired Construct Classic, I noted that the code is unmaintanable. We wouldn't have started Construct 2 from scratch if the Classic code was any good at all.

  • Someone has to clean it then

    upd: i also moved a repo

  • Just to point out that you will end up rewriting the editor and runtime from scratch to reach your goals of a multi-platform gui and using opengl instead of directx. I don't mean to discourage but that's a lot of code on top of needing to make it still reproduce the same behavior so as to not break existing caps.

    Perhaps it would be better to make a simpler project that makes games in a similar way to Construct and can read cap files as one possible input?

  • Well, to be honest I'd LOVE some minor improvements / fixes, not really anything big but still. The things like not every function provided for Python by the System object works (it usually crashes the app). I mean, can't I really change the visibility of a layer by Python (there's a function for it, but it crashes anyway), by I can by using CC editor? Oddities like that. I can deal with the GUI and directx, in a matter of fact directx doesn't really bother me, I like it. And multiplatform? How about one platform (PC) but more stable for the player as well as the creator? Making one group of users really happy vs making various groups of people "eh... I suppose?".

  • bitworks

    You can make layers invisible from python. Here's the syntax:

    # to make it invisible

    System.SetLayerVisible("Layer 2", 0)

    # to make it visible

    System.SetLayerVisible("Layer 2", 1)

    Events that had a combo in the event sheet such as invisible|visible will be just a index number in python 0|1. All actions are implemented, just no system conditions as most of them have no context in python.

  • R0J0hound - thanks, but I'm aware of the syntax for this, as well as the 0/1 values for True/False in this case. The thing is - I've never been able to use it without a crash and critical error in my projects. I'm not complaining about lack of features, rather than stability of them. :)

  • Perhaps it would be better to make a simpler project that makes games in a similar way to Construct and can read cap files as one possible input?

    nope, i doubt it

  • Well doubt what you may. I'm willing to be impressed if this project is successful.

  • Well, Silverback is disappeared and his forum is locked so no one can write there -_-

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