Animation editor progress? + suggestions

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  • Hey would I be able to ask, what's the progress on the animation editor? Or future plans at least?

    Cause I know that it's still kinda buggy but my biggest problem is that it's quite hard to use in comparison with say MMF. I've put my suggestions in bold to make it quicker to read if you don't like walls

    I needed to make a 64 direction sprite, just entering in each angle took me ages, maybe like a list of preset/premade angles wouldn't be a bad idea, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc

    Also, a method I use for rendering my sprites (I use a 3D program since I'm good at it but trash at pixel sprites) so they all have the right hotspot is to render one big long animation that contains all the directions in it, and I just import it in the first direction but then have to cut each direction out of that animation and paste it into it's respective direction. While I understand this is a rather long and daunting self inflicted condition, i don't see much of a way around it for what i want to do that doesn't result in a pretty much equally time consuming task.

    It would be nice on the import screen to make it able to move to the next direction every X amount of frames imported. Or at least something similar as it it probably me just wanting a fix to my specific problem

    Along the lines of animation angles, once again I really like the way that MMF does it, with a nice radial view of all the directions of the current animation, something similar in construct would also be very handy. I am aware of the linear nature of construct so displaying ALL the animation angles could be a problem, my solution to that would maybe be, next to the main animation angle display, maybe have a little window that is zoomed in so only a section of the animation 'dail' is displayed, focusing on the selected animation and it's nearby angles close up.

    The other idea I would like to see would be a preview current animation button.

    Anyway thanks for reading, I realise the animation editor isn't a huge priority but it would be nice to make more detailed animations again sometime soon

    Feel free to shut me down about any or all of this

  • I'd say that the Animator Bar needs a couple more improvements to be considered finished, though it's taken some steps forward recently (drag & drop, fixed importing, etc).

    I like the idea of a visual representation of the angles when an animation is clicked; that could probably be squeezed in somewhere. A preview is also important, though it couldn't be fitted into the bar, so an alternative solution would have to be engineered.

    Anyway, I like the ideas and agree that it needs some polish and further work, so hopefully future builds reflect this.

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  • I don't suppose a little pop up the size of the animation would be a good enough preview would it?

    In any case, yay! I can't wait for whatever is in store for the animation editor

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