Angle on an object that can tile an image

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  • I am either asking for a feature or looking for a way how to do this:

    Imagine I am able to stretch a line between A and B and I want this line to have texture; an image. This line can then be angled in all 360�. What would look better is something like the Tiled Backdrop object that can change size of itself but not the image, that also can be at an angle, as stretching the original image of the object can look iffy.

    Is there already a way to do this? If not, it would be neat if you could rotate those backdrop objects (or preferrably but making less sense, let sprites be able to tile so I can still have animation frames, but that's just my own greed).


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  • What you would need in order to do this easily would be the ability to set the actual angle of the Tiled Background object, unfortunately that can't be done. At least, not right now.

    Depending on how you're setting things up, you might be able to do it like this: ... leid=60978

    It's not a very optimal solution, though (uses Erase effect).

    You could try creating a chain of sprite objects from point A to point B, or maybe try pasting textures into a Canvas along a line.

  • It's cosmetic, I will live with stretching for now.

  • You can do what I did for one of my projects; put tiled background onto its own layer and rotate the layer.

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