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  • hello every one i am new and i download ur software.i want to ask u that can i make cricket 3d game in ur software?i have all data related to cricket game.i am waiting ur answer.

  • Construct is an amazing free game/application piece of software. It is easy to use and a great leaning tool for future programmers. But not a 3d game making tool.

    I would be happy to steer you to other 3d programming applications if you wish, but as a warning they are much more difficult and time consuming.

    May I make a suggestion? Why not try to build you game in a 2d version with construct? You will finish it in a fraction of the time.

  • u are right but tell me am i make cricket game in construct?

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  • u are right but tell me am i make cricket game in construct?

    *Looking at Cricket 3D on google* No, sorry you cannot create something like that, however you can do a fake 3D version of it using sprites instead of models, using the 3D box/object for the background and sprites for the 2D objects and ball and whatever else, Construct's power on 3D is very limited, so far you cannot even make an animated 3D model in Construct but it excels in 2D however.

  • u are right but tell me am i make cricket game in construct?

    You could create a game like Cricket 3D in Construct:

    <img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_SwyZLRnK4Lc/SYbQufDX62I/AAAAAAAAAQo/U_fgklv46Q4/s400/1821_large.jpeg">

    You could very easily duplicate the same perspective in that photo, you'd just have to draw your field in a Pseudo-3D perspective to match it, and then draw your characters in a way that matches the environment perspective. There is more to it as you'll need to program the characters to increase or decrease in size depending on distance within the field of view, but you don't need anything 3D to pull it off, everything can be in 2D. This technique was done all the time in the 8 and 16-Bit era's to mimic 3-dimensional depth with 2D assets.

    Also, unless you plan to have a more zoomed out view (recommended), the other thing you would need to do is make use of various layouts if you wanted to have a perspective for fielding the ball. So once the ball is hit and/or advances past a certain point, you would use another layout for fielding and then have whatever action is to take place for fielding translate data to a place in your program (you may consider a Global variable to handle this).

    PM me for more details and example games from the past.

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