Alphabetized objects and better object selection methods

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  • I know I've asked for this before and I don't want to be a pest about it, but can the horizontally-scrolling small object selection screen used in the collision condition and such please be alphabetized? I've spent a good 2 minutes trying to find an object in there already, and it happens repeatedly. I know there's a search, but I've tried it and it's not working.

    (Also, the icons are on the wrong objects there. Makes them even harder to find.)

    It would also be nice if that box only listed objects in the layout and global objects as well. I'm getting objects from other layouts in there that I'm not currently using.

    Also, when double clicking an object's icon in the event editor and the basic 'select object' box comes up, it only has objects of the same type. Double clicking a box lists boxes.

    Could that window (the one when double clicking an object's icon) be made able to be resized? It would be handy if I didn't have to scroll it. I have a lot of objects.

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