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  • Hello,

    My name is Agam More I am from Israel.

    I was building games with lots of game engines but when I saw this one and I "got in love" with it!

    It�s Spectacular!

    Is easy but not to strict its fun and advanced!


    Now I had lots of ideas for the engine like:

    1) Multiplayer plug-in. - Add multiplayer functions and easy tools for beginners (add a chat as well {in game}).

    2) Xbox and Mac Plug-in-people could save their work to Mac and Xbox.

    3) Make on the layer box (the start position) some "tables" that can show the developers what coordination is the sprite on and etc..

    4) Maybe make a sprite and graphic tool.

    And if I could help the development team i would be happy!

    I know Abit of:

    VB,C#,DOS,python,PHP,HTML etc.

    And at graphics:

    photoshop,abit flash.

    6) And I have a idea that you could make a data base of sprites the team and people made for the engine and then people would have more resources.(I�d love to help).

    So if i could help you contact me:

    Via Skype agam2008


    Via email:

    So that�s all I have for now ...

    Please answer.

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  • Hi and welcome to the forums!

    I'm going to respond to the post in feature requests, which is more suitably located, and lock this one.


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