Advanced Creation Behaviour

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  • Hi,

    Imagine behaviour that allows you to specify how much objects You are spawning, what colour filter they have or in which angle and speed of motion they will be moving, also it could contain some events like "on creation" and "on destruction".

    Also Copy/clone object would be very usefull sometimes.


    on box destruction : adv_create 4 planks in random motion.

    I think its usefull. I might be wrong.

  • yeah on creation, and on destruction conditions would we very useful.

  • Can't this be done with loops or events that already exist?

  • This sort of thing works.

    Start of layout -create sprite

    -Set PV to random(4)

    PV = 1 Float

    PV = 2 Fall

    PV = 3 Red

    PV = 4 Orange

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  • I had some really complex creation behavior I needed at one point.

    In situations like this, the function object really shines.

    Use the function instead of a create action,

    In the function, you could put anything you'd want in an On_create event

    You could even have an "amount" parameter, and have that parameter set the amount of times for a for loop to run to create multiple objects

  • I will try all those things, but still i think that behaviour would be more convenient for begginers .

    Also I want to add clone/copy action that would duplicate existing sprite with all parameters (or with some exeptions if you like) to my request.

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