add first family entry on family manager (minor request)

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  • right now, unless I just don't know how, you have to go into an object's properties and add a family first, let's say "blue", before I can edit that family it in the family manager.

    meaning if I go into the family manager, I can't just add the family "blue" to the project unless it's already there

    my request is a little plus sign/minus sign under the list of families in the family manager to add and remove families from the project. even if there is some limitation in cap files where you can't include an empty family in a project without having at least one object in that family, it could just ask you to select at least one object, and warn you it will remove the empty family if you don't.'d be convenient. now that I know about the family manager, when I create a project with the family situation in mind, it'd be nice to go straight the family manager, as opposed to back and forth a few times

  • Might be nice, but unless you add a mandatory "add first object to the family" your going to have some problems later on. The reason is, families are based on object type, it has to know what kind of object it's a family of first.

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  • Indeed, I don't really see it being any easier to add a family via the modal dialog than to just click the object and add it, really?

  • I think it is a good idea. Sometime you create the code before the object exists.

  • Families have to be created with an object, they can't exist before the object does.

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