Add the ability for the car movement to turn while inert

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  • The car movement doesn't let you rotate when your object is standing still. This is great and realistic for a car. But say you have a hovercraft, or maybe even want to make a top down survival horror game with "tank" (early Resident Evil game) style controls. For that, you would need to make it so that the player can still rotate even when standing still.

    Anyway, all I suggest is just a small checkbox to "Allow rotation while not moving" or something like that.

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  • Have you tried the rts behavior?

  • I don't need to. I already had a work around before I even suggested this. I fixed it in the events rather easily. I just disabled the built in keys (assigned them to ESC anyway, you can't seem to outright disable them which is a real pain) for car rotation, then made it so in the event editor the right and left keys rotate the sprite clockwise and counter clockwise.

    But, yeah, that's all besides the point. Even though I am able to fix it with events, that doesn't change the fact that this feature still ought to be there in the first place. Just a simple checkbox to enable rotation while stationary would still be a good idea.

  • <img src="">

    Can't you just assign the controls to this blank space?

  • Can't you just assign the controls to this blank space?

    Doesn't work for the car movement for some reason. It just causes it to default back to left and right arrow (making the behavior go back to the whole only turning while moving thing). I forgot to mention that.

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or if the blank space is supposed to even do anything. I think it does for other movements, but the car movement just defaults back to left and right arrow if you try to use the blank space.

    Edit: I just tried using the blank space to replace the "move left' control on a platform game I was making. And guess what? I tried it in game, and left arrow made my character move left, even though I assigned the key to the blank space.

    Well, since this seems like a bug, I'll try to report it using the bug report tool. But that's hardly what I wanted to suggest on this thread. To get back on topic, let me repeat by saying all I'm suggesting is to add a checkbox to make it so that the car can still rotate while stationary. Just a minor little thing, but I still think its a good idea.

    Yes, I'm able to achieve the same effect without it, but that's not the point.

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