Active users could skip are you human test?

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  • Would be nice if there would be someway to skip are you human test when you are active on forums.

    Like Shviller said [quote:3mlh6j0w]Shviller: You can't just stay logged in, you need to quit the chat, log out, log in, pass that humiliating "are you human" check for the millionth time and log back in.

  • Yeah maybe if a user count has over X amount of posts the would no longer have to do the are you human test.

  • Yeah, and "active on forums" shouldn't mean "has 100 posts". You don't want me spamming OT with 50 posts, now do you, guys?

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  • It never shows up for me except the first time I log in from a particular computer, and I'm not sure how to configure it either...

  • I'm pretty sure it's tied to an IP (which is a ridiculous idea in itself), so people with dynamic IPs, like me and l33t, have to do it every time our IP changes. Which for me is every 24 hours at best, and as often as my connection breaks at worst.

  • Same here

  • I rarely get it; average of once every week or two. If it's tied to IP that seems reasonable..

  • I get it almost every time I log on at home.

  • There's nothing reasonable in it being tied to IP. The ones having trouble with it so far are me, l33t, Aeal, Data, and seemingly Gammabeam too. I'm willing to bet there's plenty more.

  • Why's IP not reasonable?

    Edit: if your IP is that dynamic, I can see that you'd obviously need to pass the test often. But how else would an anti spam test work?

  • Anti spam is to stop the bots and stuff, yes?

    Us active users really aren't bots, trust us Isn't there a way to make an exception for the actual user base?

  • Maybe until you make 25 posts or some other number picked by admins you have to pass the Are you human test for each time your IP changes.

  • Whats the point? This only applies to the chat, and the main reason for the chat is for quick help. I see no reason why new members should be barred from using it.

  • Um... it's not for chat. It's to keep bots from spamming the board.

    The fact that you can't talk in chat until you pass the test is just a side-effect.

  • We dont want to Bar new users from the chat. We want to make it so that once you are confirmed as a regular user "AKA not a bot" you dont have to pass the are you human test. This would be nice because I have to do the test almost every time I log on.

    This is why I suggested the X amount of posts. Until you make X posts every time your IP changes you have to do the test but once you are over X amount of posts you are confirmed as a regular user and dont have to take the test no matter what you IP is.

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