Ability to specify colours for certain parts of strings?

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  • Hi,

    I havn't actually checked this out for myself in construct yet, but is it possible to make certain parts of a string different colours? The use of this would be for a chat room, you'd want to have PMs different colours than normal chat, and probably usernames different colours from the chat they've just sent.

    Can this be done already? If not is it hard to add to the current string plugin?



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  • You can do this using the html text box. All you'd have to do is wrap the text around html tags like

    <font color="red">Random Font text here</font>
    However, this would probably be easier with some sort of string parser... Which unfortunately, Construct doesn't seem to have...
    I probably should start looking into the plugin dev kit...
  • Can you set the background to transparent with that object?

  • No you can't, sorry... we need something like a transparent RTF plugin. I'll see if I can have one ready by 1.0.

  • Yeah that would be cool Ashley. Something MMF is lacking severly.

  • Might it be possible to alter the HTML Control so it renders with transparency? That'd be awesome, so that the background could be semitransparent. I dunno how it'd work exactly, however, because you'd really need for it to be blendable. So alpha PNGs blend with the transparent background, and cleartype fonts too.

  • It might be possible to make HTML render with a transparent background, but I don't know about alpha blending with the background - it's a windows control so I assume it wouldnt cooperate with a DirectX app. But I'll give it a shot anyway.

  • Cleartype fonts would be the main thing I think.

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