3D Object - bone animation?

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  • I've no idea if anything has been planned or implemented , but the 3D Object seems really bare without any support for skeletal animation - any animation , for that matter.

    Does anybody know if this will at all be contemplated or due to the way it's been created it is impossible for it to be done?

  • I don't know if it's on the community developers minds, but if it isn't then it will probably not be finished sadly.

    However, using R0j0hounds render to texture plugin I think you can change the current texture of a 3d model object. That would make it possible to at do facial animations of the object.

  • were do i get this R0j0hounds render to texture plugin?

  • Considering it's for a mech unit , i somehow seriously doubt texture changes would work.

  • well, were can I dl it?

  • it's texture setter , you can find it in the plugins forum

  • k tnx

  • The Assimp lib is what Davo used for the plug. There are some functions for bones in the lib, but the problem is not all programs do bones the same way. Then if you could import bones, how would you animate them?

    What I think would have to happen is someone would have to make a bone editor, and animation editor that works within Construct.

    Much easier said than done.....

  • if your doing non-deforming animation, like a mech, then why not design your own skeletal system using events. if it's not there build it yourself :P. i managed to make weighted rigging with deformation before construct even had a 3d object, making a little IK rig with linkmans plugin shouldn't be TOO hard.

  • Well the animation would be done inside the modelling program itself and so would the rigging. it would literally just be triggering animations from inside construct.

    Bones should be the same for all programs newt , well , for any of the well known ones anyway.

    Looking at that library , there are quite a lot of useful function in there that weren't included. Multi-layered textures ( probably diffuse , norm , bump etc. ) , multiple UV support so that must mean multiple textures , and looks like full support for skeletal animations. And support for WAY more model files than just .obj

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  • And support for WAY more model files than just .obj

    Construct does support those formats, but "officially" they say .obj as that is what they've tested.

  • Amazing. I already know how to compile for half of those formats so that makes things a metric fuckton easier.

    I seriously consider whomever made the plugin to include the animation features plus the multiple textures as it WILL raise the possibilities for more games.

    An in-house modelling program and animator is more than unnecessary - we don't have an in house sound programme do we?

  • You can use the Bone behaviour with 3D objects in the same way as you would if you was animating individual sprites.

    Heres an example...I just threw it together, so its not brilliant !

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22173473/robot.png" border="0">


    <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Much , much harder work and clutters up construct. Also doesn't allow for as much precision as standard bone animation

  • Much , much harder work and clutters up construct. Also doesn't allow for as much precision as standard bone animation


    I said it wasn't brilliant (its only 1 square and a sphere)

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