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  • It's quite simple really, just write your own software renderer/engine, here are some pages to help:




    http://www.student.kuleuven.be/~m021692 ... sting.html

    Too hard?

    Well, there aren't any plugins (other than 3D Box), and it would probably be just as hard to make a Python renderer work with Construct, sooooo... no.


    Thank you for listening

  • ok.

  • the article on raycasting...interesting...

  • Hmmm... I hope Construct can have 3d support in the future. That would make the program more awesome than it already is.

  • and this would be in response to the recent flood of 3d requests that didn't occur?

    also, sprite plugin supports 3d distortion and movement

  • hahaha this tickled me, thank you.

  • Getting something to render in 3d isn't that hard, its just that Construct is designed specifically for 2d stuff. Also, theres plenty of really good software programs for making 3d games, such as Unity. Really we'd just be reinventing the wheel if we were to try to make a 3d engine. I've coded a '3d object' that can display obj models that will probably be included in the next build, but its pretty limited. There are so many things a 3d engine should have that Construct just isn't designed for.

  • I think a lot of people would just like basic 3d rendering and not a fully 3d engine. More of a 2.5d engine like Street Fighter 4, Shadow Complex, Smash Bros, the new Sonic 4, etc.

    I'm really interested in the 3d object. Would I be able to display 3d backgrounds with 2d characters? That would be completely awesome!

  • What most seem to forget is that all those juicy graphics they desire have to come from somewhere. Placeholders just won't do any free image galleries don't get you very far.

    Do you have content to fill that 3D environment with?

  • Do you have content to fill that 3D environment with?

    Me specifically, yes. Working in 3d is much easier for me than dealing with 2d sprites. I usually make characters and environments in 3d anyway, then draw over them in Photoshop to create the sprites. I can't speak for others but why limit people? Having the option for it could attract those like myself who are more 3d oriented but find other engines like Unity too complicated.

  • Having the option for it could attract those like myself who are more 3d oriented

    What he said!

    Looking forward to the new obj object.

    I hope we get a decent set of parameters to manipulate the object with.


  • Yeah, I'm kinda curious as to how may polygons we can expect to get.

    Plus are we going to have to dig out the uv-unwrapper, or (yeah I know its silly to even suggest it) does it use colorfilters as materials.

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  • 3d object sounds pretty useful, but 3d is just so much of a hassle to handle in engine, and to create content for that i don't see very many people using it. Doesn't mean im not excited for the plug tho, been wanting this for a while, and modeling some things using 3DS instead of variables and sprites, code and beziers seems very nice . what rotation system is it using?

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