3D elements as background ones

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  • Hi there.

    It's been a while I haven't been here, and I'm asking this question for a metroidvania game I'm working since 2009:

    Are 3D elements in 2D games likely possible, especially if the said 3D objets are the background in perspective, like in symphony of the night?

    (starting at 1:17)


    If it is, then how do I make the said model to go into a "perspective" mode?

    If you want to get an idea of what I'm doing, here's a big room for a cathedral-like area:

    I did the scale right: the room is supposed to be two screens large and three screens tall

    I used Blender for the modelling and kHED for texturing (it was a pain in the ass to transfer it)

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  • I think you can just put the 3D model in a layer and tick "3D Layering" in the layer properties. Then adjust the Z, Yaw, Roll, and Pitch of the object.

    That what you're thinking of?

  • Yes, this is it. Thank you!

    I'm also wandering something else:

    I'm planning a special room for a big boss, where we are in a "cylinder" with platforms attached to the walls, and the boss is in the background, attacking the player

    I'm not sure if 2D elements are supposed to interact with 3D ones, so I'll put this way:

    If I make a simple room with platforms, make a warp object on the wall (like in pacman, But if the scrolling can't follow, then poop.) and the 3D cylinder follow the motion (while making sure the platforms on the objects are the same from the room, making the player forsee the "next" platforms), would it work?

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