3D cameras in construct

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  • I was just thinking about making a isometric game and was thinking if it was possible to have a 3d camera in construct.

  • 3d as in rotation? You could do it by moving all the objects relative to the screen with some math. I thought that isometric games by nature did not rotate and scrolled the same as any 2d game.

  • 3d in construct IS possible but it is "difficult"

    and really it is only simulated 3d (but not really)

    the 3d object in construct allows for X Y & Z positioning as well as rotation however it does not support animations

    also you cant really use ANY behaviors ( more specifically related to movement)

    you have to program EVERYTHING and i mean everything from scratch

    by default it allows easy forward/ backward movement in a "3D" world (up and down too)

    but what is the fun in going forward and backward? not much!

    the hard part is coding how to turn around

    basically, in construct, the camera DOES NOT MOVE (well it does scroll in 2d but that is irrelevant)

    in 3d it will ALWAYS FACE THE SAME SPOT! in 3d games the camera usually faces the player right?


    this means the ENTIRE world has to move instead!

    this makes things a lot more complicated mathematically

    back to what i was saying about turning

    the whole world rotates around a focal point(usually the player)

    so when the user hits left everything must rotate right and vice versa

    when it comes to moving the camera it becomes a beast of a different nature

    then you need to set a new focal point and or viewing angle

    biasicly, any type of 3d without the 3d object is impossible and that object does not have enough options to make a good game

    for example you cant animate the models

    nothing like having the player move but the character does not walk!

    due to the release of construct 2, it would be better to wait til the developers port the 3d object

    and add some of the "missing" features

    this will take some time

    but as a definitive answer to your question, yes! but this breaks a lot of construct's features due to how you have to simulate things

    also as a side note, there are other ways (easier) ways to simulate it (less math) but takes like at least 3 to 4 the cpu

    as for level design... it is near impossible to do in construct's UI

    I'll have to setup a custom program to design them however there are problems with that!

    the 3d object would have to let you change the model/set the model at runtime which is not currently supported


    while the cap file is still in early development, i will be glad to help with and share my knowledge for 3d apps

  • kitsune4295

    This game was made without the 3d object, only sprites with displacement maps.


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  • that is doing it the hard way

    i originally thought about doing it that way but abandoned the idea soon after due to complexity

    my engine uses only a couple of sphere equations to position the objects properly on screen

    other than the equations being a pain to type out as to their length but it is rather simplistic otherwise

    however, my engine does not support the animations

    eventually i want to turn this engine into a plugin so everyone can use it

    ... too bad i cant do it in Java because i don't know c++

  • ... too bad i cant do it in Java because i don't know c++

    Construct 2, on the other hand, does support Java plugins

  • Javascript, not java.

  • Javascript, not java.

    Ah, shame Perhaps it can just be shared as a template project then.

  • luckily i just learned JavaScript

    JavaScript and java have simalar syntax so i was able to pickup about 95% of the language in one day while the commands, object structure, varibles, and inheritance are all different, the basics are the same.

    lucky for me and anyone who wants to write plugins, is that JavaScript is VERY easy to learn

    like i said, it only took me like half a day! (because I know another language(a harder language at that)) some one who has never learned a language could pick it up in a few days or less

    any way i have been writing plugins for construct2

    basically i have to wait till construct2 catches up in order to make my 3d engine plugin

    but until then i will try to port the current contruct1 plugins to construct2 (the simpler ones for now)

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