3D box possibility?

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  • ashley i have recently been playing around with directx 9 sdk and have been wondering why you are only limiting the 3d box object to a box shape. i am not sure as to how the object works as i dont understand the sourceforge download for the source files, so when you said in a previous topic that it would be too much work to make it a completely 3d object you may be right. but why not allow the object to load .x meshes? even if you keep the collision mask to the general box shape it would be so much better.

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  • It's a future possibility: 3D box was originally meant to be a proof-of-concept, that it is possible to throw some 3D in the middle of the 2D rendering. So theoretically it's possible to do meshes and stuff, but architecturally (under the hood of Construct) things aren't quite as efficient as they could be - so once it's all sorted out and optimised to be as fast as it can - we can then take it further.

    Meshes, mesh animation and such would still make for a very in-depth plugin and entail a lot of work. I think it would be a post-1.0 project - it makes sense to have a solid 2D base before we go hiking off in to 3D land.

  • I agree loading meshes should wait, but why not add a few more primatives? Let people experiment. Cylinder, Pyramid, Low Poly Sphere. Can all have box collision masks to keep it simple.

    I know you're focused on 2D, but if david can put in mesh distortion then I see no reason why you can't toss some primatives in. Rename the object 3D Shape, and use a selection or something.

  • LOL playing us off against each other much?

  • Anything to advance my 3D agenda! ... err wait ...

    No, I'd never do such a thing!

    Actually, I just though it was ironic is all.

  • im really tempted to figure out how to modify the source. i downloaded it once (or what i thought was it xD) but didnt get very far, i never even got it open to modify, otherwise i woulda gone to town on it xD. is there a way to just download the source in its entirety? or do you still have to download the different folders etc.

    also, just curious as to what youre developing construct in? visual studio? or another environment? if studio what version? 2005? 2008? what sdk's? directx 8 9 or 10 and what month? windows sdk? platform sdk?

    i also agree with having a few more shapes. loading meshes can wait if its something thats being thought about. i was just wondering what was happening with that object. it seems to have the most potential. i know mmf2 has the 3d mesh object which seems to work relatively well (exception of not being able to have mesh animations. i think? just started using it. not sure why ive never seen anyone else use it before.)

    glad to hear its a future possibility. godspeed, construct!

  • Visual Studio 2005 for the IDE, Direct-X 9, latest month will do, platform SDK required.

    3D Box source isn't on CVS, though, all plugins are Visual C++ 6, except a few.

  • all plugins are Visual C++ 6.

    ...except 3D box, which is Visual Studio 2005, and a handful of others. Also, the runtime is built in Visual Studio 2008 (but could be back-ported to 2005 fairly easily).

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