2D Perspective Transform

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  • Wouldn't 3d mesh support make all this pointless?

  • The way I see it, people want a 2D perspective transform, so they can make 3D things. Construct is not a 3D tool and if you want to make something 3D, an object like 3D box is way more intuitive than stitching together perspective-transformed sprites. Therefore, I do not see a reason this should be implemented.

  • David: Thanks for trying, I'll see what algorithm suits the transformation. I agree to focus on the 1.0 release. It's just a request I like to see. Nothing hurry. thx

    Ashley: Thanks for the thought. I will try to utilize 3D box better. I've seen some posts regarding Construct is 2D and not 3D. I just thought my idea would be a simple option for people to have 3D illusion using Construct. While Gamemaker has the more advanced 3D features, why not put a simple sprite transform in Construct? It's not urgent tho.

    Well I guess that concludes my request... Perhaps I could get someone to do plugins instead

    Thanks....... cant wait for Construct!

  • Keep Construct 2D! its what it's geared towards. Focus! you want 3D, you get a 3D system.

    *ahem* Also, starcraft had no 3D or perspective effects.

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  • Madster: Yea I guess 2D it is I was just gotten a bit excited of the possibility of simple 3D as there is a 3D box in Construct. There are even tech demos on the usage of the 3D box to give appearance of 3D. Just a bit confused and curious as my initial request is not geared toward full 3D implementation. Come to think of it, if I hadn't said it was gonnia be used as 3D illusions, would it be more of feature request...? haha. I think this topic was wrongly understood as request to have 3D implementation or tools where it is not nor my intentions; hence my title.

    Think of it like image processing... rotation, skew, bump mapping... etc ..

    I believe once you see what I'd been doin with my project, you'll like. One sprite to rule them all ... ! jst kiddin haha..

  • Personally I'd like to see scaling and rotation at some point as well... the SNES had it... it was the first console I believe to have scaling and rotation. It would be cool to be able to make games like Space Harrier, F Zero, and Mario Kart.


  • 3d mesh should be implemented in post 1.0 builds.

    just imagine david's wolfenstein engine with 3d elements, or 2d games using 3d elements like some XBLA games.

    3d mesh support would be extremely useful, and just because things are being shown with 3d meshes doesnt mean they arent in a 2d gamefield. a 3d one can also be achieved as well tho.

    we are using direct X, and HWA so 3d support can be implemented. i even believe mmf2 has extensions capable of meshes.

    mode 7 effects would also be a nice addition, since its near impossible to do yourself without scanline control(hey, i had trouble trying to do it :'()

  • I've been thinking about a scanline control trick for a while (for a very specific purpose) and I think I know how to achieve it

    no rotation though. Will post if it works as expected.

    There is already sprite rotation, only thing missing seems to be skew.

    Edit: skew is there. Nothing's missing

  • Or you could use distortion map in the sprite object to create a 3D plane.. you'd have to roll out your own perspective code though.

  • Been trying that myself and gave up. Needs some fancy 3D maths.

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